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You can disappear from the minimap in Fallout 76

Fallout 76 survival

Stealth will feature in Fallout 76, allowing players to disappear from the game’s minimap. Despite the suggestion that every player on a server would be visible to everyone else, project lead Jeff Gardiner confirmed that stealth mechanics will be making a return, and will impact how you interact with other players.

In a video posted to Twitter, Gardiner is asked “how do sneak perks and detection work in Fallout 76?” He replies that “as soon as you crouch, which engages our stealth mode, the dot [representing your player-character on the game’s minimap] will very quickly fade away, so other players won’t be able to find you.”

Hunger and thirst meters will feature in Fallout 76, so here’s a list of the best survival games.

Fallout 76’s map is four times larger than that of Fallout 4, but while it’s primarily an online game, Bethesda says that servers will only be populated by a few dozen players at a time – a maximum of around 24-32. It was previously thought that you’d be able to see where all of these players were on the game’s map at any time, which sparked concerns about griefing.

However, Gardiner’s statement confirms that you can make yourself ‘disappear’ from the minimap, which should do something to alleviate those concerns. It’s worth noting, however, that Bethesda already had plenty of systems in place to prevent griefing – for one thing, you can’t be killed by the same player over and over again, as Fallout 76’s PvP is similar to a challenge system.

For another, your base will disappear once you log out of the game, to be replaced when you log back in, even if you arrive in a different server to the one you left. You also don’t lose your items when you die. You can check out a trailer for Fallout 76 below.

The Fallout 76 release date is November 14, 2018. That means you don’t have to wait too long until you can head out into the West Virginia wilderness. Country roooaaaaad…