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Fallout 76’s CAMP slots and SPECIAL loadouts update drops today

Here's what's coming with Fallout 76's Locked and Loaded update today

Today’s a big day for Fallout 76. The MMORPG’s Locked and Loaded update – which brings the much-anticipated SPECIAL loadouts and CAMP slots features to the live game among others – drops today, and there’s going to be plenty to check out when it’s here.

First up, the when. Fallout 76’s Locked and Loaded update launches on April 27, with server downtime kicking off at 12pm BST / 7am ET / 4am PT – so just a couple hours as of now. It’s not known exactly how long the downtime will continue while Bethesda rolls out the patch to live servers, but you can keep an eye on this thread to get updates as to when the game will be back online if you’re just hankering to get stuck in.

As for what’s coming with the update, Bethesda recently gave us a full rundown, announcing that SPECIAL loadouts are included. These let you “completely reset your SPECIAL, change up your perk cards, and then name and save your new setup into one of two loadout slots”, giving you more freedom to change and switch between your loadouts.

Also on the list of new features are those brand-new CAMP slots – a feature which lets you create a new base in the MMO without having to dismantle your previous one for the first time.

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Here’s the rest of the list of things on the way with the Locked and Loaded update (via Bethesda):

  • Daily ops expansion – Featuring an all-new game mode, new locations, enemies, mutations, and rewards, this update nearly doubles every aspect of Daily ops. Get more insights by joining the developers in our Dev Dive video, and by reading this article on Fallout.com.
  • Season 4 begins – Team up with Armor Ace and the Power Patrol as they square off against Commissioner Chaos and the Yukon Five during Season 4, which introduces a new Scoreboard, 100 ranks to achieve, and tons of rewards to claim along the way. Catch everything you need to know about Season 4 by visiting the Seasons page on Fallout.com, and by reading this article.
  • Mannequins – Are your outfits gathering dust in your stash? Put some of your favourites on display for all of your C.A.M.P. visitors to admire with a set of male and female apparel mannequins, which you can unlock by ranking up this Season.
  • Aim assist – We’ve added an aim assist toggle to the game settings so that players who use controllers can set their sights on enemies and stay on target a little more effectively.
  • World activity updates – Stay on top of all the action in your current world with updates to the world activity menu, which will now display active events, nuke zones, nearby player vendors, and more.
  • Crafting sliders – Forge a whole stack of items all at once with the new slider that will appear when you’re hard at work crafting at your Workbenches.
  • Melee improvements – We’ve made some tweaks and improvements for melee and unarmed attacks so that your strikes ring true more consistently.
  • Treasure hunter rewards – Treasure Hunter Mole Miners are always uncovering new valuables in the Wasteland. Following the update, their Mole Miner pails have the chance to drop some brand-new rewards during ‘Hunt for the Treasure Hunter’ events.

If you’re looking for some handy tips ahead of the Locked and Loaded update rollout, be sure to check out our Fallout 76 perk cards and Fallout 76 mutations guides at those links for some pointers.