Here’s the Fallout 76 content roadmap for 2021

Bethesda has outlined all the stuff coming to the MMORPG over the rest of the year

Good news, Fallout 76 fans – Bethesda has just unveiled the online RPG game's roadmap for 2021, giving us an idea of all the content headed its way over the rest of the year. Starting with a spring update bringing those SPECIAL loadouts and CAMP slots announced at the start of the year, the roadmap also brings a bunch of new story content, features, and even “CAMP pets” in 2021.

First up, the Fallout 76 spring update. The headlines are those new loadouts – which will let you respec your characters whenever you like – as well as the new CAMP slots, which essentially let you create multiple camps in the MMORPG game. So, no more having to decide between a cosy shack full of knick-knacks or a grand architectural feat that's the envy of all the Wasteland – you can have both when the update drops. Plus, the spring content drop brings a new daily ops expansion and mannequins, too.

The summer update will see the conclusion of the Brotherhood of Steel storyline, which means new missions to tackle, NPCs to say 'howdy-do' to, locations to explore, and rewards to scoop up.

Details on the fall update are a little thin on the ground going by the roadmap, with just some vague notes about “the next evolution of private worlds” and a new daily ops expansion noted. However, the winter 2021 update brings “tales from the stars” – some kind of event or storyline in which we can “marvel at the discovery of new legends and the reappearance of an Appalachian myth”. Hmm.

According to the roadmap, the final update of the year will bring some four-star legendary weapons and armour, a seasonal event called The Ritual, and an “invaders from beyond” public challenge and daily ops surprises. Oh, and CAMP pets. Yep, pets for your CAMPs. Lovely stuff.

You can check out the full rundown on Fallout 76’s site here if you’re keen to soak it all up before the updates drop, and you can grab Fallout 76 at Fanatical here if you’re tempted to give it a go and yet to pick up a copy.