Fallout 76 season 12 crams cryptids into CAMPs with Mutation Invasion

The next Fallout 76 free update is here, as the Bethesda multiplayer game starts up a cryptid-themed season 12 with a whole host of mutants.

Fallout 76 season 12 crams cryptids into CAMPs with Mutation Invasion

Cryptids are at the centre of Fallout 76 season 12, as Bethesda reveals all the new content, changes, and improvements for the multiplayer game with update 42.

The new Fallout 76 update includes Daily Ops Mutations in public events, a new season, accessibility improvements, and the ability to re-roll challenges in the apocalypse game as well.

The free Fallout 76 update is live now, and Bethesda says that the “mutations you’ve grown to know and love from Daily Ops’ missions are now spilling over into Public Events! Mutation Invasion will increase the difficulty of Public Events, or challenge you to change your playstyle, but not without hefty rewards.”

You can check out the Fallout 76: Mutation Invasion event launch trailer, in all its 1950s serial glory, below.

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Fallout 76 free season 12 update key features

  • Mutation Invasion: At the top of every hour for the next three weeks (until March 21), Public Events will contain one mutation from our Daily Ops rotations. Completing these events nets you increased rewards and chances at rare plans
  • Daily Ops Improvements: New locations, rewards, enemies, and a new Mutation to encounter
  • Season 12 Begins: Rip Daring is on the hunt for Cryptids! Rank up to earn all-new rewards, including a new Lite Ally, cryptid-themed decor, and more!
  • Challenge Re-Roll: Not a fan of the Daily Challenge? Now, once per day, you can re-roll one Daily or Weekly Challenge, and additional Challenge re-rolls can be claimed on the Season 12 Scoreboard.

Season 12: Rip Daring and the Cryptid Hunt

Bethesda has also provided a breakdown of what the story of Fallout 76 season 12 will be: “In the world of Big Game Cryptid Hunting, there is only one man brave enough, strong enough, and smart enough to hold his own against these mysterious beasts! This Season we follow the daring and dangerous adventures of Rip Daring, Cryptid Hunter Extraordinaire, alongside his loyal Mr. Handy, Percival, and his trusty Nurse Guinevere.”

New Rewards in Fallout 76

  • Cryptid Rewards: From floor décor to Power Armor Paints, this new season offers up Cryptid-themed goodies for all you cryptozoologists out there.
  • New Ally: Welcome Brother Steven into your C.A.M.P. and may the blessings of the Mothman be upon you.
  • New C.A.M.P. Items: Create a cozy Hunter’s Cabin fit for Rip Daring himself with the Hunter’s Throne or display your favorite Steins with the Taxidermy Bear Stein Display.
  • Re-Roll Daily and Weekly Challenges!

New Re-Roller mechanic in Fallout 76

  • The Re-Roller gives you the ability to change out a Daily or Weekly Challenge.
  • Once per day, you can re-roll one Challenge for free.
  • Fallout 1st members get an additional free re-roll for the day, giving a total of 2 free re-rolls.
  • Challenge Re-Rolls can also be claimed for free on the Season board or purchased in the Atomic Shop.
  • Re-Rolled Challenges have a chance to become an Epic Challenge , which offers even better rewards for completing it.

You can also expect the Fallout 76 free update to be 14.4GB on Steam and 23.7 GB on the Microsoft PC store, so make sure you have the space. The full Fallout 76 patch notes can be found on the Bethesda website.

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