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Fallout New Vegas mod replaces Mr House with Elon Musk

The central villain of Fallout New Vegas, Mr House, is replaced by SpaceX and Twitter owner Elon Musk in a new fully voiced FNV mod, available now.

Fallout New Vegas Elon Musk: SpaceX and Twitter owner Elon Musk as he appears in a Fallout New Vegas mod

Fallout New Vegas has an enormous cast of villains, from the arch baddie Caesar to the towering Deathclaws and those damn Cazadors. But the Obsidian RPG game wouldn’t be the same without the presence of Mr House, the malevolent power player that sits atop the eponymous New Vegas, seemingly pulling the strings of every lesser faction. Now, a fresh Fallout New Vegas mod adds a contemporary, modern flair to Mojave Wasteland, replacing FNV’s central antagonist with SpaceX and Twitter owner Elon Musk. This is the perfect excuse to return to Fallout New Vegas – as if you needed one.

Created by the mysteriously monikered ‘NoUsernameSelected,’ the mod, ‘Elon House,’ replaces the gigantic computerized face of Mr House with that of Elon Musk, and uses AI tools to synthesize Musk’s voice. As such, every line of Mr House dialogue is preserved. You can see it in action in the video below.

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We hear Elon House discussing the state of New Vegas, congratulate the player on having survived their assassination attempt, and ask that they return the all-important Platinum Chip. The effect is uncanny, and also pretty unnerving.

What we need now is a mod that changes the name of the Pip-Boy to ‘X’ and occasionally proposes putting limits on how many items you’re allowed to access per day. Of all the myriad horrors in the Mojave, that would perhaps be the greatest. If you want to try Elon House for yourself, and simulate a meeting with a giant, digitized version of the richest person in the world, you can find the mod right here.

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