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The best Fallout New Vegas mods

All the best Fallout New Vegas mods right now, including texture fixes, additional quests, game modes, and entirely new campaigns.

Fallout New Vegas mods

What are the best Fallout New Vegas mods? Despite being over a decade old, Fallout New Vegas enjoys a thriving modding scene that has stood the test of time. In the 12 or so years since we first took our first step in the Mojave Wasteland, some talented people have been tinkering with it until it becomes an entirely different beast.

There are years of mods to sift through, but we’ve managed to round up our favorites; the best mods that Fallout New Vegas has to offer, and popped them into this useful little list. Some add new textures to the RPG game, while others add new quests or even entirely new campaigns.

Here are the best Fallout New Vegas mods:

Best Fallout New Vegas mods: one guy slugging another guy with a gun in a face with a bat in the desert. A third man is holding a shotgun.

Fallout Mod Manager

Without the Steam Workshop to make things smooth and easy, you’ll need a Mod Manager to help you install all your mods with the correct load orders.

Mod Configuration Menu

Generally, if you need to change something with mods, you must close the game and alter some files. The Mod Configuration Menu adds a management page to the pause menu, allowing you to make some alterations without leaving the game.

New Vegas Anti-Crash

Unfortunately, Fallout New Vegas is a little on the buggy side and can be pretty susceptible to crashing to the desktop. NVAC is a simple mod that helps reduce the chances of crashing.

Mission Mojave

Bethesda and Obsidian have an unfortunate reputation for publishing games with glitches and other breaks. Despite numerous post-release patches, Fallout New Vegas has never been completely fixed. However, things are significantly better, thanks to the mod community. Mission Mojave has 27,000 bug fixes throughout New Vegas and its DLC packs.

The back of a player shows the number 33 on their Vault Suit, inspired by the Fallout TV Series, in one of the best Fallout New Vegas mods.

Fallout TV Show Vault Suits

If you’re getting into Fallout through the Amazon TV show, or it has simply reinvigorated your love of the series, then you might want to combine the two. New Vegas isn’t only one of the best games in the series, but it’s also one of the closest to the show in the official timeline, taking place just over a decade before the TV show.

This simple TV Show Vault Suits mod imports the Vault Suit numbers from the show into New Vegas, giving you the chance to rep your favorite Vault Dweller as you explore the surrounding wasteland.

Atmos Ambience Overhaul

Created by TheKetzku, the Atmos Ambience Overhaul mod aims to improve New Vegas by adding more than 1,000 custom-built sound effects to create a more immerse experience. If you’re familiar with high-end surround sound systems, the name Atmos should tip you off to what this mod is looking to do. Instead of focusing entirely on audio horizontally, Atmos Ambience’s directional sound system adds more sound vertically to make the mojave feel more alive.

The Redesigned 3 mod is one of the more extensive Fallout New Vegas mods.

New Vegas Redesigned 3

New Vegas Redesigned addresses a few issues related to lore and the world, but its key focus is recrafting every NPC to reflect better who they are. If they’re a grizzled war veteran, scars are added, and skin is made rough. A young, happy, beautiful NPC will have a clearer complexion. These HD retextures, and adjustments to proportions and structure, make New Vegas’s NPCs just that little bit more believable.

The NMC texture pack makes even lockpicking look amazing, hence why it's one of the best Fallout New Vegas mods.

NMCs Texture Pack for New Vegas

There’s a lot of world in New Vegas, and NMC’s Texture Pack reskins almost all of it with high-definition textures that will make the Mojave Wasteland look sharper. It improves the details of roads, buildings, trees, and many items, making this a one-stop mod for overhauling a considerable percentage of New Vegas’s visuals.

Get realistic deserts with the Nevada Skies mod, one of the best Fallout New Vegas mods.

Nevada Skies

Since you’ll spend so much time outside in Fallout New Vegas, you should ensure the blue sky is doing something interesting. Nevada Skies adds 320 new cloud variations to the game alongside fantastic weather effects such as sandstorms, rain, rainstorms, RADstorms, thunderstorms, and even snow.

This is one of the best Fallout New Vegas mods that overhauls the flora.

Wasteland Flora Overhaul

Adding 101 different trees and plants to the wasteland, Flora Overhaul brings a subtle sense of beauty to the otherwise barren and sandy Mojave. The mod creator is aware that too much living flora could be counter to Fallout lore, so the mod comes in three different grades: Fertile Wasteland is the whole lot for a much leafier world, Dead Wasteland is a compromise between living and dead plants, and ESP-less uses just retextured versions of the original withered tree models.

4GB Fallout New Vegas

When using lots of big mods like textures, you may find that Fallout New Vegas begins to struggle with its small allocation of virtual memory. FNV4GB is a tool to load Fallout New Vegas with the Large Address Aware executable flag set so that the game can use the entire 4GB Virtual Memory Address Space.

A street lamp using the Electrocity Fallout New Vegas mods.

Electro City: Relighting the Wasteland

Say ‘Vegas’ and the first thing that comes to mind is likely the neon lights, flashing LEDs, and burning bright bulbs. You’ll find barely any of that in New Vegas, but Electro City is the mod to add the shine the world needs. Hundreds of new lights are added, from street lamps and signs to burning barrels. Lighting is often vital to an immersive graphical experience; this mod ensures the light is there.

A comparison of the original Fallout New Vegas and the Fallout New Vegas mod Fellout.

Fellout NV

Fellout NV is one of the most popular mods, based on the Fallout 3 mod of the same name. Thanks to its ability to wipe out the sickly green filter that washes over everything. The New Vegas variant takes a similar approach. However, it instead eliminates the cozy orange and replaces it with more varied colors with hot desert tones that make the desert feel much more unforgiving.

A man with a flamethrower, showcasing the Essential Visual Enhancement, one of the best Fallout New Vegas mods.

Essential Visual Enhancements

The Essential Visual Enhancements mod addresses all the various animations and effects that occur in combat, be that the ejection of a bullet from a gun or the blood squirt as said bullet impacts enemy flesh. Explosions, particle effects, critical hits, and impact wounds are all reanimated and overhauled to look significantly more impressive and violent.

The Realistic Wasteland Lighting mod is one of the best Fallout New Vegas mods for distant views of desert colonies such as this one.

FNV Realistic Wasteland Lighting

A less intensive alternative to Nevada Skies, Realistic Wasteland Lighting adjusts the intensity of sunlight and adds subtle weather effects to help create a more photorealistic Mojave Desert.

A Wastelander in the middle of the desert in one of the best Fallout New Vegas mods.

The ENB of the Apocalypse

When combined with Realistic Wasteland Lighting, ENB of the Apocalypse helps achieve the better photo realism ENBs are associated with. The NMC Texture Pack is also recommended to make the most of this ENB’s graphical enhancements.

One of the best Fallout New Vegas mods upgrades the Dust Storms to look visually stunning.

HQ Dust Storm FX

Dust Storms frequently happen in New Vegas, but chances are that you’ve mistaken them for bad periods of fog. The clouds look more like heavy mist than whipped-up sand. This HQ Dust Storm FX mod ensures that the sand storms look like the gritty nightmares they are.

A look at some retextured grasses in Fallout New Vegas grass remesh mod.

Grass Remesh

Speaking of Fallout New Vegas mods that just improve textures, the grass effects from the base game look a little pixelated on modern monitors. This Grass Remesh mod makes the little flora that grows in the Mojave Wasteland a little more lifelike, with 3D meshes and textures that give these plants stalks, branches, and stems.

A rabid ghoul poised to attack Fallout New Vegas mods's Oxide ENB.

Oxide ENB

This mod adds an atmospheric, colorful, and intense look to the Mojave Wasteland, rejecting photorealism for a world that pops with excitement. Not only is Oxide ENB a more fun-looking alternative, but it also includes its own weather and lighting systems, so there’s no need to combine it with other mods.

A woman standing next to a horned beast in Impact, one of the best Fallout New Vegas mods.


New Vegas is a great RPG, but it lacks when it comes to the shooter elements. Guns lack feedback and feel like peashooters compared to the best FPS games. IMPACT remedies this by changing the impact effects when bullets hit different surfaces, with new bullet hole decals and particle effects upon impact. The caliber of gun you use changes the size of the hole you make, and ejected shells are now weapon-appropriate.

One of the best Fallout New Vegas mods adds the companion Willow, who is a blonde girl with blue eyes wearing a dishevelled cowboy hat.

Willow – A Better Companion Experience

Willow is not just your average companion. With over 1,200 lines of voiced dialogue, she interacts with the open world in ways even some officially supported characters don’t. On top of this, she has her questline and additional side activities that you can complete, and her list of perks by default are desirable of any companion in the Mojave Wasteland. Just note that she’s very picky about factions. While she dislikes the NCR, she hates the Legion.

Fallout New Vegas mods: a man standing on top of a giant robot in the TitanFallout mod.


There isn’t a game out there that couldn’t be improved by adding giant stomping robots, and this mod proves it (at least for Fallout). TitanFallout is, as the name suggests, a mod that adds the robotic mechs of Titanfall to New Vegas. You can call a Titan drop with a new gadget, which will rain down a hulking metal man. It can fight alongside you like an NPC follower, but you can climb aboard and use its massive machine gun yourself.

One of the new weapons in the Project Nevada mod, one of the best Fallout New Vegas mods.

Project Nevada

Project Nevada is made by the team behind Fallout 3’s Wanderers Edition, one of our essential Fallout 3 mods. It’s designed to make New Vegas a more challenging, more fun game through the installation of a variety of modules. You can pick and choose which ones are installed, allowing you a degree of control about how far you stray from the ‘vanilla’ experience.

The modules cover Core systems like health, vision, and bullet time, Cyberware: which implants you with a variety of bionic enhancements, Rebalance: which overhauls all the RPG systems of the game, and equipment: which adds a vast selection of new usable gear to the game. For an instant change to the way New Vegas plays, Project Nevada is essential.

One of the best Fallout New Vegas mods is the Weapons of the New Milenia mod showing new modern guns.

Weapons of the New Millenia

Weapons of the New Millenia adds 45 amazingly detailed weapons to New Vegas, with incredible high-definition models and textures. They’re all modern-day guns you’d recognize from Call of Duty and ARMA, so if you’re a bit of a weapons nut and would like to replace Fallout’s rag-tag shooters with something more realistic, this is the mod for you.

A Brotherhood of Steel acolyte holding a huge machinegun in the Weapons Expanded mod, one of the best Fallout New Vegas mods out there.

Weapons Mod Expanded

One of the most exciting features that Fallout 4 has is the ability to modify weapons at a crafting bench, bolting on all kinds of additions like scopes, silences, and stocks. But you don’t have to wait for Fallout 4 for that kind of thing; grab Weapons Mod Expanded for Fallout New Vegas and strap a laser sight onto your revolver, a choke on your shotgun, or a variety of other significant and valuable modifications for many of the game’s guns.

New Vegas Script Extender

Adding many mods to the game may require extending Fallout New Vegas’s scripting capabilities. This tiny New Vegas Script Extender mod sufficiently broadens the game’s script size to allow hundreds of mods to work simultaneously.

A Vault dweller staring at their own feet in the enhanced camera Fallout New Vegas mods.

New Vegas Enhanced Camera

If you’re going for the immersive New Vegas experience, the one thing that’s going to get in your way is the camera. It makes you a floating set of eyes rather than a real person, for starters, and every time you do something like sit down or die, the game insists on pulling out into the third person. Keep your eyes firmly in a body with the Enhanced Camera mod, which gives you a physical body you can see working and won’t ever pull you out of it.

A recipe to create upgrades is one of the additions in the Fallout New Vegas mods for New Perks.

More Perks

Every two levels you progress in Fallout, you can choose a new perk to add to your ability-enhancing collection. But if the selection you must pick from isn’t good enough, this mod is for you. It adds, as the name More Perks suggests, more perks to the game, adding bizarre abilities such as being able to spontaneously grow fruit from your own body or become hopelessly addicted to stims.

Two boxers about to punch each other in the King of the Ring Fallout New Vegas mod.

King of the Ring

One of Fallout’s most unusual mods, King of the Ring adds boxing to the game. Step into the ring, slip on the gloves and thump your opponent to a third of their health to be crowned the winner.

The rebuilt town of Nipton is one of the best Fallout New Vegas mods.

Nipton Rebuilt

Nipton is one of New Vegas’s key towns, but rather than being a hub of life, it was razed to the ground. Nipton Rebuilt turns it into the town it could have been, and you can take control and become Mayor. With some funding from your pocket, you can start adding new areas to Nipton and encourage its growth into a busy new location in the Mojave Wastes.

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New Vegas Bounties series

New Vegas Bounties is the first of three questline mods that task you to hunt down and eliminate the Mojave Wasteland’s Most Wanted. A dastardly collection of rogue rangers, fiends, raiders, drug smugglers, cannibals, and Pistoleros, they all have a massive price on their heads waiting for you to collect. Be wary: they’re all mean and rigid and won’t come along quietly. When you’re done with part one, you can find parts two and three on their respective mod pages.

A World of Pain is a Fallout New Vegas mod where the local bandits have been severely disfigured.

A World of Pain

Adding 114 new locations to New Vegas, A World of Pain is the right choice for challenge-seeking explorers. Alongside smaller outposts is a vast underground complex filled with challenging monster encounters and even a few quest lines. There’s plenty of loot to find, including MkII weapons to help you overcome these new difficult areas.

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Wasteland Defense

While Fallout 4’s initial reveal inspired some mods, other mods inspired Fallout 4’s development. Undoubtedly Wasteland Defense was one of them, a mod that allows you to build your fortress, rig up a set of defensive measures, and then trigger raid attacks that you must fend off. It’s one of New Vegas’s most exciting and accomplished mods, essentially a tower defense mini-game.

Three people standing guard near the entrance of a base in The Inheritance, one of the best Fallout New Vegas mods.

The Inheritance

A fully voiced quest line with 1,300 lines of dialogue, The Inheritance sees a mysterious stranger approaching you to request that you deliver a package. This unfolds into a choice-heavy main quest and a series of more minor side quests designed to be lore-friendly and offer a balance of ultra-violence and finesse approaches. It includes some interesting ‘evolving dungeons’ which, if emptied of enemies, will be occupied by a rival force when you next return.

Fallout New California is one of the more ambitious Fallout New Vegas mods out there.

Fallout New California

Fallout: New California is more than a mod; it’s an entirely new campaign. You even select it from the New Game option on the main menu, and it has an opening cinematic and everything. You take on the role of an Orphan from California’s Secretive Vault 18 and head out on a quest involving a war between the Super Mutants, the Survivalist Raiders, and the New California Republic. Six new companions can join you, and a whole new area in the Black Bear Mountain National Forest is available to explore. It’s a fantastic piece of DLC, all for free.

Realistic Stealth Overhaul

Playing stealth has always been an option in Fallout, but never a particularly good one. Realistic Stealth makes many changes to the systems to make sneaking about a far more effective approach, ensuring that detection is based on line of sight and that backstabbings work as they should.

A lone Wastelander gambling in the Lucky 38 casino.

Run the Lucky 38

The Lucky 38 casino and hotel requires a new owner; you’re just the person/sap for the job. Re-open this establishment, put in some capital, and start to expand one room at a time with the Run the Lucky 38 mod. The casino is also a crucial part of some of Mr. House’s conspiracies and ventures, and having ownership of the place may shed light on one of New Vegas’s most shadowy characters, should you wish to investigate.

Best Fallout New Vegas mods: a Wastelander shooting at two guard robots in the Mojave Desert.


Josh Sawyer was the director and lead designer of Fallout New Vegas. When the game shipped, he wasn’t entirely happy with the final result, and so spent time tinkering and tweaking the game’s core systems in the months after release. He went on to release the JSawyer mod, a set of significant fixes and changes that work to bring New Vegas closer to his vision. The ‘Director’s Cut’ of New Vegas, if you will. You’ll find your health is significantly reduced, how much you can carry is lower, and you can’t progress any higher than level 35. A distinctly more challenging experience for the hardcore Fallout fan.

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Fallout: The Frontier

Fallout: The Frontier is now ready and takes you to a brand new region of Portland, Oregon. Set in a snowy wasteland, it’s designed to be super harsh. The weather impacts your health, so you must dress appropriately or risk death by frostbite and hypothermia. The total conversion mod adds a main quest, side quests, hunting, and a fire propagation system to the game.

How do I install Fallout: New Vegas mods?

Installing a single mod into Fallout: New Vegas is easy, and here’s how you can do it:

  • Place the new files you’ve downloaded into the ‘Data’ folder of your Fallout: New Vegas installation. If you have the Steam version, this will be in the following path: \Steam\steamapps\Common\Fallout New Vegas\Data
  • Windows will alert you that you’re overwriting files, so press ‘OK’ to accept the changes.
  • We recommend you back up your Data folder before you start modding if you need to return Fallout New Vegas to its original form.
  • Download the Fallout Mod Manager and install it.
  • Create a folder on your hard drive called ‘Fallout New Vegas mods’ or something similar.
  • Download the mod .zip files into the created folder and use apps such as WinRAR to extract them.
  • In Fallout Mod Manager, open the ‘Package Manager’ using the button on the right-hand side of the window.
  • The new window will have a button labeled ‘Add FOMod’. Click this, then use the file browser to find your mod folder and select the mod you wish to install.
  • After installing it, the mod will show in the Package Manager window with a tick box next to it. The mod will be active in your game if you tick the checkbox. Simply untick if you want to remove the mod.

Those are all the Fallout New Vegas mods we think you should try for yourself. If you want to break the open-world game some more, try out the Fallout New Vegas cheats and console commands to teleport yourself to specific NPCs, instantly gain or lose karma, or add items to your inventory.