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A new Fallout fan game is coming, and you could be in it

A giant mod for Fallout New Vegas, Fallout Nuevo Mexico has a lot in the works for 2023, and is hunting for stars to populate its sweeping RPG game world.

A new Fallout fan game is coming, and you could be in it: A wanderer with a giant electric hammer in Obsidian RPG game Fallout New Vegas

Ever wanted to be in a videogame? One of most promising-looking Fallout New Vegas mods, which transforms the entire Obsidian RPG game is reportedly set for big things in 2023, and is now on the hunt for voice actors to populate its sun-scorched, post-apocalyptic world. Using Fallout New Vegas as a base, Fallout Nuevo Mexico is designed as an entirely new experience, similar in scope to the also upcoming Fallout London. Do you dream of being an NPC? Then read on.

The first trailer for Fallout Nuevo Mexico emerged in 2022, showing off an entirely fan-built Fallout game set in the year 2285. New factions, new companions, and not to mention a whole-new story are part of the plans for Nuevo Mexico, with expansive customisation and player-driven narrative features akin to Fallout 1 and Fallout 2.

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Since the first trailer, however, the game has been a little quiet. We’ve seen a little more gameplay, and the setting has been changed from 2285 to 2166, but we’ve been a bit concerned that Nuevo Mexico might have disappeared into the desert. That’s until now, as the creators return with two major announcements.

“We’ve been very, very silent,” the Fallout Nuevo Mexico team writes, “but we promise you something extraordinary is coming. It’s going to be a good year for this project.” The team then shares a very cool opportunity: if you fancy yourself a videogame voice actor, Fallout Nuevo Mexico wants to know.

“Consider this our casting call,” the creators write, alongside a link to an application form that asks precisely what kinds of voices you can do. Specifically, Fallout Nuevo Mexico is looking for ghouls (if you think you can swallow enough gravel to get that real, Charon-esque sound), Spanish speakers, a “1920s New York accent,” and something called “grizzly voice.”

The team is also looking for people who can do creature noises. But please, if you can do a great impression of the Deathclaw’s hiss, I don’t want to hear it – that sound, it plagues me. You can apply to be in Fallout Nuevo Mexico here.

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