Fallout: New Vegas mod adds “annoying and very hostile” Jake Paul

Fallout mod “Jake Paul” adds the YouTuber turned boxer to Fallout: New Vegas as an intensely powerful, “annoying and very hostile” enemy NPC

Fallout: New Vegas mod adds Jake Paul: boxer and YouTuber Jake Paul stands in New Vegas

Jake Paul, the YouTuber turned boxer whose fights against Tommy Fury and Hasim Rahman Jr. have recently been cancelled, is now the subject of his very own Fallout: New Vegas mod which adds him to the RPG as an “annoying and very hostile” enemy, who is almost impossible to kill.

Sporting his full boxing attire, Jake Paul has one million HP, moves faster than any other enemy in the game, and can kill even high-level players in a single punch. He’s located in the New Vegas Home near to the entrance of the northern passage. When you enter, you will find him eerily facing the wall, standing alongside the dead body of his two-time opponent, MMA star Tyron Woodley. Clearly, Jake has just scored his famous knockout, and is all fired up, ready for a new challenger.

If do you manage to defeat him – remember, he can kill Deathclaws with a single jab, so we recommend teaming up with Raul, continually backing away, and spamming Jake Paul with Fatmans – you can claim his boxing gloves and shorts, which sell for a million caps each, as well as 20 stimpaks, and a handwritten note which simply says “idk, just sell it”.

“This mod adds Youtuber and actor turned boxer Jake Paul to the game as an annoying and very hostile NPC,” says creator Walmart Chifuyu. “I wanted him to be something like a superboss, so I tried to make him Ruby Weapon/Emerald Weapon from Final Fantasy 7 hard”. Judging from what we’ve seen, Chifuyu has succeeded.

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Jake Paul is available to download now at Nexus Mods (there’s a sentence I didn’t expect to write today) and you can find a lot more weird and wonderful New Vegas NPCs courtesy of our best Fallout: New Vegas mods guide. And of course, it’s Fallout 4 is still alive and kicking, and worth revisiting alongside our guide to the best Fallout 4 mods. Plenty to keep you busy while we think about the Fallout 5 locations we’d love to see, and speculate wildly about the Fallout 5 release date.