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The best Fallout New Vegas mod ever has finally returned

The long lost Fallout New Vegas Limp Bizkit mod that adds a Fred Durst companion has finally been found, so now anyone can download it.

Fallout New Vegas Limp Bizkit mod: a close up of a man with a goatee and red had

If you’d asked 13-year-old me to define his personality in 2011, Fallout New Vegas and Limp Bizkit would’ve probably been his response. 13 years later, New Vegas is still one of my favorite games and Limp Bizkit is still one of my favorite bands. But this dynamic duo seems to transcend my own personal taste, because a Fred Durst companion mod for the Fallout game that uses compressed ripped snippets from Limp Bizkit’s tracks has been found and restored, after it was thought to be lost forever.

The Fallout New Vegas Fred Durst companion mod was first uploaded to NexusMods by ‘Lb8068’ in 2015, before it was mysteriously taken down from the platform. The RPG game’s mod was considered lost media, as after it was taken off Nexus mods Lb8068 said “I recently reformatted my computer so doubt I have any of the files left over here.” That was seven years ago.

You can still see the Fallout New Vegas mod’s Nexus page via the Wayback Machine, but, and I can’t believe I’m writing this, the Fred Durst companion mod has been found. Strap in for this one, because this story is about to go to some weird places, ending with a Fred Durst quote tweet. No, I’m not joking.

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After Lb8068’s mod was thought lost to time, the Crazy Ass Moments in Nu Metal History account (one everyone should be following) tweeted about it earlier this year. Next, the Super Best Friends subreddit got wind of it, as user ‘darkwingchao’ threw out a “hail mary longshot” asking if anyone still had the mod saved.

From here, YouTuber Micky D tweeted about making “modding history,” as the Fallout New Vegas Limp Bizkit follower mod had been “found and restored” by another user, UsagiCola, who just so happened to still have the virtual approximation of Durst lying around on their PC.

You might be thinking that this is the end of the story. A silly but fun mod was found after seven years, and the internet celebrates. Wrong. Fred Durst himself got wind of the mod’s return, tweeting an elegant “nice” before going back to writing bangers, I can only assume. Dad Vibes, Take a Look Around, and Break Stuff are all tunes and I’ll stand by that until the day I die.

Fallout New Vegas Limp Bizkit mod

The mod itself can now be found right here, with all the individual Limp Bizkit sound files intact too. I’ve had one hell of a Monday morning clicking through all the soundbites, as the internet proves once again that it can come together and do something great. It works, and it rules.

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