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Fallout New Vegas mod takes aim at a lore-friendly map expansion

This Fallout New Vegas mod expands a massive part of the Mojave, with the aim of adding in new quests, NPCs, locations, and even more.

Fallout New Vegas mod map expansion: a ghoul

If you’re here, you can’t get enough of Fallout New Vegas and its irradiated Mojave. There’s so much to love about Obsidian’s world from Novac to Nipton, and with The Strip offering up a shining beacon to work towards, but what about across the Colorado River where Caesar’s Legion resides? We don’t get much, especially to the south of the map, and this in-progress, DLC-sized content mod wants to change that.

Billed as a lore-friendly expansion, Nova Arizona is a Fallout New Vegas mod that’s still in the works, but this first release of content should let you explore a lot of what’s on offer. Now, the land of the RPG game that’s east of the Colorado River has been expanded in Fallout New Vegas, with plenty of new settlements to explore.

“The core principle of Nova Arizona is to seamlessly blend with the game’s vanilla content, simply adding more for players to experience,” the Nova Arizona team writes. “Many quests and encounters are designed to accommodate couriers of any playstyle or faction alignment. There is no main story; everything in this mod is side content intended to support the conflict in the Mojave while further exploring the game’s themes and lore.

“Although most of our lore is original, Nova Arizona takes heavy (albeit selective) inspiration from the game’s cut content, developer interviews, Van Buren design documents, and like-minded fan projects. The Legion in particular has received a total narrative overhaul in order to alleviate some of the common criticisms made against their portrayal in vanilla, which should prop them up as a much more believable faction. Nothing has been retconned from vanilla.”

Fallout New Vegas mod map expansion: a map

The map has been expanded beyond the Colorado River in the bottom right, offering up a handful of new locations controlled by the Legion, so just make sure you’re on their good side.

You’ll find the Fallout Nova Arizona expansion over on NexusMods right now, but do keep in mind that it isn’t quite finished yet, with almost all of the quests, NPC dialogue, and combat encounters still under development. So you can take a trip around the mostly completed map, but don’t expect a lot of quests, NPCs, or dungeons just yet.

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