Skyrim on Tesla? Not yet, but Fallout Shelter is “a great starting point”

In an interview alongside Elon Musk (weird, I know) Todd Howard confirmed the unlikely port

Fallout Shelter is heading to Tesla. In an interview with Geoff Keighley and tech CEO Elon Musk during an E3 Coliseum livestream, Bethesda director Todd Howard (an odd trio altogether, I know) confirmed that the pocket strategy game will soon be playable in the electric cars.

While discussing the port of games like Cuphead to Tesla’s in-car screens, Howard said that Bethesda had “talked about that” too. When someone from the audience called out requesting yet another Skyrim port, Howard said that the developer was planning to “start a little smaller,” but that “we are working on Fallout Shelter for the cars. You’ll have your little dwellers in the screen. It’ll be like they live in the car in some way. It’s a great starting point.”

Earlier this month, Musk announced that indie gem Cuphead was now working within Tesla’s Model 3, Model S, and Model X vehicles, and that a bunch more games in both Unity and Unreal were on their way.

You won’t be able to manage your vault dwellers on the road, however, as in order to get the game running, you’ll need to have the engine off and be connected to wifi. All the same, given that Fallout Shelter originally launched for mobile, it seems like a pretty good fit.

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Sadly, there was no word on Fallout Shelter Online, or if/when Skyrim might one day end up on those vehicular screens. Given the sheer number of other ports The Elder Scrolls V has had, however, I’d say it’s sure to happen one day.