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Fallout episode one is free on Twitch as Watch Parties briefly return

The Fallout show's first episode of eight will be free to watch via Twitch streamers, just as the Watch Party feature has been discontinued.

Fallout Amazon Prime episode 1 free

The first episode of the Fallout show on Amazon Prime will be free to watch with select streamers on Twitch, weeks after the Watch Party feature was discontinued from the service. 15 streamers will be watching the first episode on Twitch, with viewers able to watch along on the same day that all eight episodes start airing, but this is just a “one-off” for the feature.

As part of the Fallout series premiere on Thursday April 11, Twitch has announced that it’s going to be co-streaming the first episode with select streamers on the same day. Anticipation for the adaptation of the RPG game is as high as ever, but the comments are filled with people confused about what this means for the recently canceled Twitch Watch Party feature.

Fallout Amazon Prime episode 1 free

Here’s what Twitch said of Watch Parties last month, alongside the announcement that the feature would be coming to an end on April 2: “While some streamers incorporated Watch Parties into their streams, usage of Watch Parties on Twitch has declined over the years, so we are removing it and investing these resources in other features.”

Twitch Watch Parties would connect to Amazon Prime and let a streamer watch an eligible show or film alongside their viewers, but as the statement explains above, Twitch felt it wasn’t being used enough to justify its existence, especially after the lockdowns from the start of the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Nevertheless, the feature seems to have returned in spirit for the arrival of Fallout. In a statement provided to PCGamesN, Twitch calls this “a one-off collaboration for the Fallout series launch,” adding that this is “a first of its kind collaboration with Prime Video, [where] episode one of the TV adaptation of the famed Fallout series will be co-streamed across 15 Twitch channels, offering a way for fans of the gaming saga to enjoy the series.”

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