Fallout TV show casts the star of another game adaptation

The Fallout TV show appears to have its lead cast member, and she's a veteran of another (excellent) videogame television adaptation

Ella Purnell, who's set to join the Fallout TV show cast

League of Legends is crashing into Fallout, as the voice of Jinx from Netflix’s Arcane is set to join the Fallout TV show cast. Ella Purnell will be part of Amazon Prime Video’s series, simply titled Fallout, and while her character has not yet officially been confirmed, she’s expected to take the lead role in the story.

“Details of Purnell’s character are not being revealed,” according to Deadline’s report. “She is believed to be playing the lead, referred to as Jean, a young woman with a can-do attitude who may be hiding a dangerous secret.” Little of the show’s plot has been revealed – all we know is that it’ll follow the game’s alt-history timeline, set in a wasteland after a global nuclear war wipes out society.

Aside from voicing Jinx in Arcane, Purnell is best known for her role in the Showtime horror series, Yellowjackets, as well as Zack Snyder’s Army of the Dead. She joins Walton Goggins in the cast, who’s expected to be playing the part of a ghoul, Fallout’s irradiated zombie faction.

As previously announced, Jonathan Nolan, the co-creator of Westworld (and, yes, brother to and collaborator with Christopher), will direct the premiere. The show is set to begin production this year.

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