Far Cry 5 gets a spot-on remake of the Resident Evil movie’s laser hallway

far cry 5 resident evil laser hallway

The Paul W.S. Anderson-produced Resident Evil films are somewhat less memorable than the games that inspired them, but they certainly have their moments. One of those moments is the laser hallway scene, where a team gets cleanly sliced to pieces like a pack of human cheesecakes. Now somebody’s gone and recreated that delightful bit of body horror in Far Cry 5.

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The Resident Evil Hive map comes courtesy of Daemon Knight, and is available through Far Cry Arcade – though sadly, only on Xbox One. After you take a moment to lament the fact that custom maps aren’t cross-platform, do head to Reddit and check out the clip of the juicy bit. Or you can check it out directly via the Arcade.

It’s sadly not quite a full recreation, since the lasers don’t do damage, but it’s an impressive visual recreation of a pretty memorable scene. Perhaps even better than that time the Resident Evil games took on the scene.

Far Cry Arcade has presented plenty of memorable content so far, including a recreation of de_dust2 and a battle royale mode. We’re looking forward to plenty more impressive creations in the months ahead.