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Far Cry 5’s turkey has been nerfed and it’s still wrecking everyone

far cry 5 turkey nerf

Fear the poultry of Hope county. Sure, there’s a maniacal cult preying on this region of Montana, but it’s not militant zealots who serve as Far Cry 5’s deadliest foes. No, it’s the turkeys. Every encounter with Far Cry 5’s deadly bird seems to be checked with a brief flurry of feathers and claws, followed by your death. It’s like old-school Zelda all over again, as furious farm fowl rain destruction upon you.

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Everyone seems to be having their run-ins with the notorious bird, from the Twitterverse to the mad galaxy of Steam reviews. Kotaku have collected a few.

far cry 5 turkey steam review

They also note that these death-dealing turkeys have even been nerfed, as some pre-release patch notes confirm enemy AI fixes including “turkey was too powerful.” I can’t imagine the horrors pre-release playtesters had to go through. If one truth has remained constant since the days of Ninja Gaiden on the NES, it’s that videogame birds are jerks.

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