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It’s possible to finish Far Cry 5 in 10 minutes

Far Cry 5 cult

If flying around the Montana wilderness with your trusty dog sounds like a bit too much fun, you can watch the credits roll on Far Cry 5 in just ten minutes.

Here’s all the non-spoiler-related stuff we know about Far Cry 5, which comes out Tuesday.

Eurogamer has had some time with the game, and they figured out that you have the option to bail out of the game’s story of overthrowing an apocalyptic cult leader in the game’s opening scenes. You can watch the sequence play out in the video above – but be warned, there are spoilers.

This was a feature in Far Cry 4, too – in that game’s opening, Ajay Ghale is taken to meet villain Pagan Min in his mountain castle. Min breaks away from dinner, but asks you to wait a few minutes for him to return. If you ignore on-screen prompts to, you know, play the game and instead simply do as Min asks, he’ll eventually return and take you to where you can lay your mother’s ashes to rest, no need to foment rebellion whatsoever.

In Far Cry 5, things work a bit differently, but the mechanic is similar. We’ll let you decide whether to spoil it by watching the video for yourself. Here at PCGamesN we’re too excited about the fishing to want to wrap things up this quickly.