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Far Cry 6 amigos - which companions can you recruit?

Every companion you can recruit in Far Cry 6

Chicharrón, the punk rooster, in Far Cry 6

Looking for more information on the Far Cry 6 companions? Once you get your hands on Far Cry 6, and you become part of the revolution in Yara seeking liberation from the Castillo family, you won’t travel across the island’s jungles, beaches, and cities alone.

Like the Guns for Hire and Fangs for Hire system in previous games, companions are available in Far Cry 6. Known as amigos, these animals can be called upon to assist you in battle, alongside the powerful Far Cry 6 weapons at your disposal.

There are five Far Cry 6 amigos that are unlocked throughout the campaign. Each of them has a unique way to help you out in battle. They also all have abilities that can be unlocked to improve their combat skills – all you need to do is use the amigo in battle. Each amigo specialises in two different areas: combat and stealth. Depending on your playstyle, you may want to switch to a different amigo. Using a combat amigo while you’re trying to avoid combat can get you in trouble if you’re not careful.

Far Cry 6 amigos

These are all the Far Cry 6 amigos released so far:

Guapo the handsome croc with his mouth wide open in Far Cry 6


Guapo is a croc in a shirt who will munch on your enemies for you with his big toothy grin. You meet him after you speak to Juan at the bar in Armonia.

Combat amigo
Ancient Survivor – “There’s a reason Guapo’s kin never went extinct. He passively recovers health to keep fighting and self-revives after being downed in combat.”

  • Body Regulation – Guapo automatically regenerates health during combat. Unlocked after he has revived himself five times
  • Cornered Beast – Guapo is more resistant to damage when his health is below 50%. Unlocked once he has regenerated 3,000 health in combat
  • Reptile Metabolism – Guapo’s auto-revive restores 90% of health. Unlocked after Guapo eliminates 50 targets

Chorizo, an adorable weiner dog, in Far Cry 6


Chorizo is a positively adorable little weiner dog with a mobility aid to help him get around – he’s so cute, in fact, that enemies will be distracted by him, allowing you to sneak behind them.

Stealth amigo

Attention-Seeker – “Chorizo will use his irresistible charm to distract enemies so you can sneak past for surprise attacks.”

  • Bloodhound – tags nearby crafting materials. Unlocked after distracting ten enemies with Chorizo
  • Yes, you can – you can pet Chorizo and get extra health regen. Unlocked after tagging 36 loot containers with Chorizo
  • Keen senses – Chorizo will occasionally dig up resources. Unlocked after using Chorizo’s healing ability 50 times

The aggressive rooster, Chicharrón, flapping his wings in Far Cry 6


He’s a spiky rooster with an attitude, and can be recruited by completing the Yaran Story ‘Wingman’ at the Álvarez Farm.

Combat amigo

Angry Bird – “Chicharrón’s lust for battle cannot be sated. He slingshots himself to the enemy from a distance.”

  • Roid Rage – deals double damage and attacks faster when Chicharrón’s drops below 70%. Unlocked once Chicharrón has killed 12 enemies
  • Angrier Bird – can knock enemies to the floor using the Angry Bird attack. Unlocked once Chicharrón has killed 24 enemies while in Roid Rage form
  • Chicken Feet – while Roid Rage is active, Chicharrón is more likely to dodge enemy attacks. Unlocked once Chicharrón has knocked down 50 enemies using the Angrier Bird attack

Boom Boom, the stealth amigo, looking up at his owner in Far Cry 6

Boom Boom

Fans of Far Cry 5 should recognise this good boy from Montana – Boom Boom is Boomer, the same dog from Montana. He’s a stealth amigo, and can be unlocked by completing the Yaran Story ‘Boom or Bust’ at the Villa Judía hotel.

Stealth amigo

Fetch, Boy – “The first trick every pup learns in Montana: retrieving resources from dead enemies’ bodies.”

  • Pointer – marks enemy animals and troops. Unlocked once Boom Boom collects resources from ten bodies
  • Expert Tracker – can mark targets from further away. Unlocked once Boom Boom has tagged 24 animals
  • Thick Coat – increase Boom Boom’s maximum health. Unlocked once Boom Boom tags 50 enemies

Oluso, the black panther, looking at the player in Far Cry 6


Oluso appears to be a big cat of some kind, possibly a panther. He’s also a stealth amigo, and is unlocked by completing the Yaran Story ‘Triada Blessings’ at the Oluwa Cave.

Stealth amigo

Shadow Striker – “Oluso uses the power of the Oluwas to slay enemies quickly and silently from the shadows.”

  • Mimo Abosi’s Luck – take down enemies faster. Unlocked once Oluso has killed 12 enemies in a restricted area
  • Rage of Ida – taking down enemies strikes fear into nearby enemies, causing them to flee.. Unlocked once Oluso has killed 24 enemies with a takedown
  • Mist of Oku – regenerates health faster, gains immunity to all damage, and becomes difficult to spot once Oluso’ health drops below 50%. Unlocked when Oluso has inflicted fear on 50 enemies

K-9000, the robotic dog, staring off in the distance in Far Cry 6


K-9000, the robot dog, is only available in the Blood Dragon set. This stealth amigo is highly durable and features immunity to poison and fire thanks to its futuristic lungs and skin.

Stealth amigo

Iron Skin – “Oluso uses the power of the Oluwas to slay enemies quickly and silently from the shadows.”

  • Enhance – can tag turrets, security cameras, tripwires, and alarms. Unlocked once K-9000 has taken 100 damage from enemies
  • Enhance!!! – attacks to tagged enemies deal more damage. Unlocked once he has tagged 24 security systems
  • Termination Protocol – K-9000 can self-destruct if he takes fatal damage. Unlocked once K-9000 has destroyed 50 tagged enemies

Champagne, the white big cat, staring off in the distance in Far Cry 6


Champagne, the white panther, is only available in the VICE Pack set. While you’re busy killing enemies, Champagne’s unique ability helps you loot fallen enemies.

Stealth amigo

Status Symbol – “Something about the smell of minted currency drives this cat wild. She collects more money from dead enemies after combat.”

  • Greed Is Good – Champagne is better at performing takedowns when you have more money in the bank. Unlocked once Champagne has killed 12 enemies
  • Predatory Instinct – Champagne loots enemies after performing silent takedowns. Unlocked once Champagne has killed 24 enemies with a takedown
  • Sonic Snarl – upon taking damage, Champagne can loudly roar to knock down nearby enemies and escape to safety. Unlocked once Champagne has looted 1,000 Yaran Pesos from dead enemies

And now you know how to unlock all of the Far Cry 6 amigos. Don’t forget to check out our Far Cry 6 supremos guide to find out what backpacks are in the game.