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A new Far Cry might be in the works, Ubisoft job listings suggest

Recent job listings at Ubisoft’s Canadian studios speak of work on a mysterious ‘Far Cry Project’, which has the potential to be Far Cry 7.

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Three years after the release of the last Far Cry game, Ubisoft seems to be looking towards bringing the franchise back to the main stage. Recent job postings on Ubisoft’s careers site mention hiring within their Canadian studios – Toronto, Montreal and Sherbrooke – for a game described as a ‘Far Cry Project’, with no further details given.

The variety of open jobs include roles such as Associate Producer, Team Lead Game Design, Art Team Lead and Programming Team Lead, and their seniority suggest the potential new Far Cry is only in pre-development rather than full-fledged development, as these roles are traditionally responsible for the larger-scale direction of a game decided early on.

As spotted by Geek In Out, Ubisoft’s Canadian studios being the ones hiring roles for this project is a good sign. They’ve been responsible for the Far Cry franchise since as far back as Far Cry 2, creating stellar open-world FPS games set across a variety of tropical archipelagos and islands. With its most recent release, 2021’s Far Cry 6, being a critical and commercial hit, it’s no wonder Ubisoft would want to return to one of their flagpole franchises.

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While the title of ‘Far Cry Project’ doesn’t outwardly confirm the game to be Far Cry 7, the time between releases makes it unlikely to be a spin-off to Far Cry 6 ala Far Cry 3’s Blood Dragon standalone expansion. While we can’t know for sure exactly what’s being developed thanks to Ubisoft’s mysterious naming of the project, even just the knowledge that a new Far Cry is coming is fantastic news.

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