Fear the Wolves enters Steam Early Access this month

Fear the Wolves trailer

Fear the Wolves, the battle royale game from former STALKER developers, will release into Steam Early Access later this month. In a press release, Vostok Games announced that the game, which is set in the irradiated ruins of the Chernobyl power station, will arrive on July 18.

For the most part, Fear the Wolves is a fairly standard battle royale, and not just because it’s initially releasing into Early Access (like PUBG, Realm Royale, or Radical Heights, among others). But also because it sees 100 players drop into an ever-shrinking game zone where they must battle one another until there’s only one player left alive.

Fear the Wolves could earn itself a spot on our list of the best battle royale games.

The main difference that Fear the Wolves offers is that, as well as contending with enemy players, you’ll also have to deal with PvE elements. Those wolves aren’t just there to provide a snappy title for the game. Instead, they’ll roam the map in packs, offering an extra, unpredictable threat. To make matters worse, they wolves have been lurking around Chernobyl’s irradiated shadow for years, and it’s had a terrifying effect on their evolution.

Vostok Games says the game will release into Early Access “to receive feedback and improve the game.” Core gameplay is already in place, but plenty more is due to be added, including a new mode, and new weapons, items, and mutants, as well as features like leaning and crawling.

If you didn’t get access to the Fear the Wolves beta, and you can’t wait until the 18th to try out the Early Access build, then check out some Fear the Wolves screenshots to whet your appetite. There was even a new Fear the Wolves trailer shown off at E3 last month, which gives you a look at axe murder, deadly radiation clouds, and those all-important wolves.