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Brand-new, 99% rated RPG somehow has fewer than 100 players on Steam

Original, smart, and with glowing ratings, one of the coolest new RPGs of 2024 somehow has fewer than 100 players on Steam right now.

Felvidek Steam RPG game: A knight from Steam RPG game Felvidek

Between Manor Lords, Helldivers 2, Dragon’s Dogma, and later launches like Frostpunk 2 and Stalker, you probably have a lot on your playlist for 2024. It’s hard to find the time for everything, and naturally, some great games slip beneath the radar. A new RPG, available right now, is one such example. Of the Steam user reviews it’s received so far, a staggering 99% are positive. Nevertheless, it has fewer than 100 players. If you’re searching for one of this year’s greatest hidden gems, we’ve got it right here.

Created by solo developer Jozef Pavelka, Felvidek is an RPG game set in 15th-century Slovakia. You play a down-on-his-luck, heavy-drinking knight called Pavol, who is dragged into a dark, mysterious, though oftentimes slapstick quest to defeat the occupying armies and supernatural horrors that blight his homeland. Boasting a distinctive, hand-painted visual style and some extremely sharp writing, Felvidek is also a robust turn-based game with classic RPG combat.

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With an ‘overwhelmingly positive’ rating on Steam, Felvidek has so far accumulated 669 user reviews, a seriously impressive 99% of which are favorable. Nevertheless, at its peak, Felvidek has attracted only 112 concurrent players – as of this writing, 39 people are playing it simultaneously.

Felvidek Steam RPG game: A player graph for Steam RPG game Felvidek

Original, imaginative, and funny, this is a game that deserves much more attention. Exploration uses the classic, isometric view, while combat is played from first-person. In combination with its eclectic cast of characters and blend of history and fantasy, Felvidek is a real must-play. If you want to give it a shot, it’s available now for $10.99 / £9.29, and you can find it right here.

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