FIFA 23 Prime Gaming rewards and how to claim them

FIFA 23 Prime Gaming rewards are a free monthly gift containing rare players and some high-rated picks, here’s what they are, and how to claim them

FIFA 23 Prime Gaming rewards and how to claim them: three football players celebrate after scoring a goal

FIFA 23 Prime Gaming rewards are an excellent way of adding free, high-rated players to your club in the football game. Previously known as Twitch Prime, the Prime Gaming pack is a benefit of being an Amazon Prime member and is available once every month once you’ve linked your accounts.

The Prime Gaming pack will generally consist of a loan, several rare players, and a few player picks. The packs refresh every month and usually coincide with a promo like the FIFA 23 World Cup, so it gives you a great chance at adding a special player to your team. The steps you need to take to get this pack can be a little confusing, so here is what the rewards are, and most importantly, how you can claim them.

FIFA 23 Prime Gaming Rewards: three footballers pose for promotional shots for gaming rewards

FIFA 23 January Prime Gaming rewards

For the month of January, the Prime Gaming rewards are:

  • 7x Gold Rare Players
  • 2x Player Pick with min. OVR of 81+
  • 12x Rare Consumables

How to claim your Prime rewards

To claim your FIFA 23 Prime Gaming rewards, you’ll first need to be an active Amazon Prime subscriber. If you’re already a Prime member, head over to Amazon’s Prime Gaming page and:

  • Log in using the profile icon in the top right corner of the screen
  • Search for FIFA 23 in the search bar
  • Click on ‘Get in-game content’
  • Find the current, active rewards
  • Link your Amazon and EA Sports login using the ‘Go to Electronic Arts’ button
  • Once the account is linked, you should be able to hit ‘Complete Claim’
  • Boot up FIFA 23 and open your Prime Gaming pack

Each Prime Gaming pack lasts for a month, so ensure you’re checking in regularly so you don’t miss out on free loot. The high-rated players you pack with these rewards will put you in great stead to complete one of the many time-limited player SBCs, or even get you started on completing one of the new Icons, both of which should sit in your first XI for a good while.