New Final Fantasy 16 trailer ‘done,’ says Yoshi-P

Producer Naoki Yoshida says next Final Fantasy 16 trailer ‘done,’ upcoming JRPG is ‘pretty much complete’ after much time spent polishing and debugging

Final Fantasy 16 trailer done: a monster surrounded by crystal shards

As part of today’s Nier Reincarnation stream, FF16 producer Naoki Yoshida gave fans an additional update, saying (via translation by aitaikimochi on Twitter) that the next Final Fantasy 16 trailer is done and should drop ‘soon’ after being temporarily delayed by certain factors. Yoshi-P says that the upcoming JRPG is ‘pretty much complete’ though the development team is spending a long time polishing and debugging.

An update on the next single-player instalment in the hugely popular RPG franchise was promised for spring 2022, with interest piqued last week when Yoshida mentioned that Final Fantasy XVI development is in its “final stages” during an interview with Uniqlo Japan. Now Yoshida says (via aitaikimochi) that “the game is greatly coming together. However, I’d like for the dev team to spend more time on [polishing it] further.”

Yoshida notes that he spent this week, which is the annual Golden Week holiday in Japan, adjusting FF16’s marketing plan while working on urgent things for Final Fantasy XIV, which he is producer and developer of. He says that the Final Fantasy XVI team is ‘working their hardest on the game.’

Yoshida also jokes about the Uniqlo interview, saying that he felt that he should mention FF16’s progress because the t-shirt collaboration featured the entire Final Fantasy series, but that his comment caused him to receive a ‘cold email’ from the game’s US marketing team. The stream also features Yoshida and Nier series producer Yosuke Saito joking about the popular FFXIV free trial meme while showing off some crossover Nier Reincarnation items due to come to the popular MMORPG.

The full Nier Reincarnation stream can be viewed here (note that it is a Japanese language panel) – the Final Fantasy XVI discussion begins at 1:12:32.

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