Final Fantasy 16 release date set for summer 2023

Square Enix has revealed that the Final Fantasy 16 release date will be some time next summer, and introduced a world torn by political turmoil and violence

Final Fantasy 16 release date: A knight in plate armour is lit by flames in a medieval town at night

A new two-minute trailer has revealed that the Final Fantasy 16 release date is currently set for summer 2023, as well as new details about the RPG game’s plot and setting. In the new trailer, titled Ambition, we’re introduced to several of Final Fantasy XVI’s political factions, and we’re given a glimpse at the conflict that threatens to consume them all.

Final Fantasy XVI is set some 1,500 years after a great conflict, and the trailer’s narrator explains that the land of Valisthea “has been slowly dying ever since.” Huge formations called the Mothercrystals seem to be remnants from the cataclysm – they’re all that remains of “the Mothers’ flame,” and people have gathered into societies around them.

Meanwhile, though, darkness continues to encroach from the edges, and certain ‘blessed’ families appear to be able to channel power from the Mothercrystals.

Here’s the trailer, just as producer Naoki Yoshida promised last month:

YouTube Thumbnail

The clip also provides a new look at the combat system, which – in the trailer, anyway – looks very action-centric and fast. This is Final Fantasy, after all, so there’s lots of swooping camera work, extreme close-ups, and epic fights against screen-filling bosses.

Finally, the trailer reveals that the release date for Final Fantasy XVI will be sometime next summer. We’re sure to find out more between now and then, so stay tuned.