Final Fantasy 16’s reveal trailer no longer mentions PC

We got a trailer that teases a darker, grittier Final Fantasy that's lighter on the fantasy elements

September 17, 2020 The mention of the upcoming RPG coming to PC has been scrubbed from the trailer

One of biggest surprises from last night’s PlayStation 5 showcase was that Final Fantasy 16 is on the way. While the initial reveal trailer confirmed it was coming to PC, however, it has since replaced with one that does not mention PC. The new trailer now ends with the PS5 graphic, and that’s it.

We reached out to Square Enix for comment, and to clarify if Final Fantasy 16 would be coming to PC. We got the following line: “We have no further information on if Final Fantasy XVI will be released on platforms other than the PS5”.

One thing that is worth noting here, though, is the difference between the approach to this and Sony’s towards the Demon’s Souls remake. Demon Soul’s was also confirmed for PC during the PlayStation 5 showcase, but it was swiftly confirmed it was in error, and that the game would be a PlayStation 5 exclusive. Our guess? Chances are that FF16 will end up on PC at a later date to that of PlayStation. Final Fantasy 15, for example, hit consoles November 2016, but didn’t come to PC until March 2018.

As for what we saw from the trailer, it looks like the new Final Fantasy game is leaning into the medieval side of things rather than fantasy. Sure, there are still the spells and monsters you’ll recognise from other Final Fantasy games, but things feel grittier and darker this time around. We’re light on story details right now, but we got a few things to go off. The reveal trailer hints at the sort of betrayal and politics you get from other medieval inspired works, which makes it a tad Game of Thrones-like, I reckon.

Heck, if we get anything story-wise that’s like Final Fantasy Tactics I’m in. Well, I’m in regardless, but I’m more in. Inner if you like. You can catch the trailer down below:

YouTube Thumbnail

We also got some confirmation that Final Fantasy’s Naoki Yoshida is working on FF16 as a producer, after some speculation in the build up to the reveal.

This one is probably ages away, but you can check out these upcoming PC games for something to spend you pennies on in the nearer future.