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One of Final Fantasy 7: Remake’s earliest memes is now a mod

Aerith hitting a goon with a chair inspired heaps of internet reaction and memes, so now it's a Final Fantasy 7 mod

Final Fantasy 7 Remake's Aerith holds a chair

We’re no stranger to videogames showing up late on PC due to exclusivity deals, but the highlight of their arrival is often the mods. The Final Fantasy 7 remake is proving no different as oodles of modders are getting busy improving the new PC game’s performance, though one of the sillier mods to catch my eye brings an old meme to life.

It is, quite simply, Aerith with a chair. There’s a scene earlier in the game where Tifa and Aerith team up to fight a gaggle of goons on their journey to save Cloud. Tifa dispatches a few with mixed martial arts – as she is wont to do – but Aerith tosses aside that healer malarkey she’s often associated with and does her best WWE throwback by walloping someone with a chair – a real good smack on the noggin.

It inspired a host of reactions and memes on the internet, so now it’s immortalised in a mod. Crandifff’s Chaerith mod replaces all of Aerith’s weapons with that very same chair. Now the fate of that one goon is the same of every thug in Midgar who earns Aerith’s ire. Sometimes it’s the simple mods that mean the most.

Here are some of the memes if you want to know what you have missed. We’ve got riffs on Bongo Cat, beloved WWE commentator Jim Ross, you name it.

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While it’s lovely to see the Final Fantasy 7 remake on PC, it looks like it needs some TLC. Some of the grievances players have reported include poor performance, stuttering, and a lack of graphics options. Modders have gone digging into the game’s files and are reporting that the remake’s poor PC performance might be because it’s a debug build. Modders also claim to have found a reference to a Steam release, which tracks as Epic’s exclusivity typically lasts one year.

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Image credit: Crandifff’s / Nexus Mods