Final Fantasy 7 will not be “limited to a simple remake”

We’re nearly to a point where we can count two separate brands of Final Fantasy VII nostalgia: the kind which centers on the original game and the kind which builds off the now well-aged announcement of the remake. It’s been three long years since the FF7 remake was confirmed, but Square Enix are apparently taking their time to create “a title that surpasses the original.”

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That’s according to a new job listing for the project – helpfully translated by Gematsu – which lays out some ambitious goals for the remake. The new game won’t be “limited to a simple remake,” instead “a new Final Fantasy with action elements added to the traditional strategy.”

Square Enix are looking for a battle planner to create a “battle system that combines commands and action,” and devise “ideas such as enemies and bosses.” They also want a level planner to construct “a workflow for location production,” devise “ideas for the level designs of each location,” and implement data in Unreal Engine 4.

Those are some pretty fundamental duties, and the listings suggest that despite being at least three years in some kind of production the developers are still very early in deciding what shape the remake will take. We’ve heard we shouldn’t expect the new game – or the first of three new games – until 2020, and even that’s sounding optimistic.