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Final Fantasy 7 has amazing wrestling crossover thanks to Kenny Omega

The worlds of Final Fantasy and professional wrestling collide as Kenny Omega comes to New Japan Pro Wrestling dressed as Sephiroth from FF7

Final Fantasy 7 has amazing wrestling crossover thanks to Kenny Omega

Seeing two of your hobbies come together unexpectedly is a great feeling and, like two separate friends meeting for the first time that hit it off straight away, it just warms your heart. So when two of my main hobbies, videogames and professional wrestling, decide to crossover, I can’t help but gush. More specifically it’s RPG game Final Fantasy 7 and AEW’s Kenny Omega, but fans of both are still going to definitely want to see this.

Omega is in New Japan Pro Wrestling pay-per-view (PPV) Wrestle Kingdom 17, and the self-proclaimed gamer did something many have been waiting years for: walked out dressed as Final Fantasy 7 villain Sephiroth to Nobuo Uematsu’s One Winged Angel.

Videogames and wrestling going together aren’t exactly anything new, with AEW’s Adam Cole also being a consistent Twitch streamer and once coming to the ring dressed as Master Chief as just one example, but this feels like a colossal moment for Omega. Not only are the song and costume absolutely fantastic, but Omega has come back to New Japan after an injury at AEW took him out for some time, so it feels like a triumphant return.

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The links to Final Fantasy 7 and videogames at large don’t end here for Omega though, as his finishing move is actually called the One Winged Angel, and it’s seriously one of the coolest things you’ll ever see. Omega’s finisher also has almost no one ever kick out of it, so when he raises his right hand with his opponent on his shoulders, you know something special is about to happen.

Omega’s signature move is also called the V-Trigger, an equally not-so-subtle nod to the technique from fighting game Street Fighter 5. So really, Omega’s now-historic entrance is more of a payoff than an outright surprise, but it’s still amazing to see either way.

Everything also looks to be coming back around for Omega, as he’s set to appear in the upcoming professional wrestling game AEW Fight Forever, which may rival the current crop of WWE games. That’s not all though, as Omega has also come out to an AEW match dressed as Sans from Undertale while Megalovania plays, on television, and no I’m not joking – it is very real.

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