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Final Fantasy 7 Remake is yours for cheap as we await Rebirth on PC

Final Fantasy 7 Remake is part of a big Steam sale just as Rebirth comes to PS5, with the reimagined trilogy sequel likely to come to PC.

Final Fantasy 7 Remake: a close up of Cloud Strife

Final Fantasy 7 Remake is one of those experiences I’ll never forget; the world, characters, and story from the 1997 original are brought to life in such a way that it’ll stick with me forever. If you’ve never played it and are looking for something in the Steam Spring Sale I can’t recommend it enough, especially with the mod scene still active for the PC port. With FF7 Rebirth sure to also get a port in the next few years, it’s worth brushing up.

Is Final Fantasy 7 Remake bloated? Yes. Does it have some less-than-interesting side content? Also yes. But much like the recently released Rebirth, what Remake gets right in spite of these rather glowing problems makes it entirely worth playing. It’s an RPG game in the truest sense, and it has some of the best characters in all of fiction.

There’s also a really smart mixture of real-time and turn-based combat in Remake too, with regular attacks charging an ATB gauge that lets you open up the menu, pause time, and use a special ability, spell, or item. I particularly love how the party focus of FF7 Remake means you can swap to other characters on the fly during battle, giving the whole thing another great layer.

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It’s difficult for me to talk about Remake without spoiling anything, especially in the wake of Rebirth, but both show just how well the characters and universe of FF7 hold up. There are a lot of changes, sure, but good storytelling remains good no matter how you repackage it.

With FF7 Remake coming to PC a couple of years after its PS4 launch, I wouldn’t hold out hope for a PC port of the newly released Rebirth anytime soon. That said, the end of one Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth trailer does say the game is “not available on other formats at least until 05.29.2024” – Wednesday, May 29, 2024.

Don’t expect a PC announcement right after that date, but with news that Rebirth is at the very least a PS5 console exclusive, I wouldn’t be surprised to hear at some point this year that it’s also going to come to Steam and other PC storefronts.

You’ll find FF7 Remake right here on Steam for 50% off until Thursday, March 21 – expect to pay $34.99 / £34.99.

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