FFXIV patch 5.5 release time – when server maintenance ends in your time zone

Raids and dungeons and story quests - oh my!

A group of FFXIV players stand in the desert

Final Fantasy XIV‘s patch 5.5 is drawing closer, but you’ll need to hop out of the MMORPG for a bit before it actually goes live. Square Enix confirms in a blog post on FFXIV’s website that it’s performing maintenance to implement Patch 5.5 and make sure the infrastructure is up to scratch. The preliminary FFXIV 5.5 patch notes are here for your perusal while you wait, but here’s when you can expect to log back into Final Fantasy XIV.

For us UK folk, the servers go offline on April 13 at 2am BST until 11am the same day. If you’re in the PDT time zone, server maintenance begins on April 12 at 6pm and wraps up on April 13 at 2am. Square Enix further explains that it will suspend the Home World Transfer Service for 30 minutes before maintenance begins and that it will remain offline until everything has wrapped up.

FFXIV’s 5.5 patch kicks off the main scenario quest Death Unto Dawn Part 1, which sees the Scions clash with the servants of chaos. We’re also getting a new Nier Automata-themed raid called Yorha: Dark Apocalypse – The Tower at Paradigm’s Breach, the new Paglth’an dungeon, and heaps more.

If you’d like to see the update in full, you can check out the special website. You can also find the trailer below to get yourself excited:

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If you’re pondering what job you’d like to use for the update, our FFXIV classes guide will point you in the right direction.