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FFXIV All Saints’ Wake release time - Halloween event finally starts this week

The Final Fantasy XIV All Saints' Wake release time and date has been set for this week.

The Final Fantasy XIV All Saints Wake release time and date is here.

After a long delay thanks to the highly-anticipated release of the Endwalker expansion, Final Fantasy XIV’s Halloween event is finally ready to kick off – in January, the new spooky month. We’ve got the full FFXIV All Saints’ Wake release time and date below, and you won’t have to wait much longer to get that clown costume.

Final Fantasy XIV’s ridiculously-long delayed Halloween event, All Saints’ Wake 2022 (2021?), will finally release this Thursday, January 20, at 12 AM PST / 3 AM EST / 8 AM GMT and will last until February 2 at 6:59 AM PST / 9:59 AM EST / 2:59 PM GMT – so you’ll have just under two weeks to collect all the rewards.

Given that All Saints’ Wake is the Final Fantasy MMO’s annual Halloween affair it was expected that the event would, of course, take place in October – however, the big delay to the Endwalker expansion meant a lot of planned events got pushed back too. The Christmas/New Year celebration got away with it, but Halloween was pushed all the way to January.

Well, the wait is nearly up. Players will soon be able to unlock a range of clown-themed costume pieces, facepaint, and even haunted pumpkins for your in-game home. Once the event starts, players need to talk to the Adventurers’ Guild Investigator in Old Gridania [X:10.4, Y:8.4] (thanks, Nova Crystallis). Remember, you need to be at least level 15 to get on this ride.

All Saints’ Wake kicks off in Final Fantasy XIV this Thursday, January 20.