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Here’s the new FFXIV event and patch roadmap after Endwalker’s delay

We're getting Halloween in January after the FFXIV Endwalker delay - here's what the new roadmap looks like

A shopping district in Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker

Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker has been delayed by two weeks. You’ve probably heard that if you’ve been looking forward to the new expansion, but today the developers have provided a few more details about what the event roadmap will look like heading into the expansion. Here’s what the event and patch schedule for Endwalker will look like.

The Moogle Treasure Trove event will be extended until the start of maintenance for patch 6.0 on Friday, December 3. The Adventure Jump Start sale, which puts a bunch of level and story skips on discount in the official online store, will still end as originally scheduled on November 19.

Endwalker early access begins on Friday, December 3, alongside patch 6.0. The official Endwalker launch will follow on Tuesday, December 7. Two weeks later, on Tuesday, December 21, we’ll get patch 6.01 with the normal difficulty Pandaemonium raid. Then, after another two weeks, we’ll get patch 6.05 on Tuesday, January 4, with the savage difficulty Pandaemonium raid, alongside the new weekly-capped Allagan tomestones and new gear.

The Christmas-themed Starlight Celebration and New Year-themed Heavensturn events are scheduled to be held “during their usual timing”, but today’s announcement does not provide specific dates for either. The All Saints’ Wake event – normally a Halloween celebration – will launch in “late January 2022”.

Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker roadmap

  • October 27 – November 19: Adventure Jump Start sale
  • October 29 – December 3: Moogle Treasure Trove event
  • December 3: Patch 6.0/Endwalker early access
  • December 7: Endwalker official launch
  • Around December 14 – December 31: Starlight Celebration event
  • December 21: Patch 6.01/normal difficulty Pandaemonium raid
  • Around December 31 – January 18: Heavensturn event
  • January 4: Patch 6.05/savage difficulty Pandaemonium raid/new Allagan tomestones and gear
  • Late January: All Saints’ Wake event
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For more on what to expect as we approach the Endwalker release date, you can follow that link.