FFXIV Crystalline Conflict PvP guide

Face the challenges of fighting other players in FFXIV Crystalline Conflict, where you can try to climb the ranks or just grab some nice pieces of gear

Final Fantasy XIV Crystalline Conflict PvP: The crystal in the middle of the map

Wondering how to play Crystalline Conflict? The FFXIV 6.1 patch brings with it a new FFXIV PvP mode, Crystalline Conflict, in which two teams of five players fight for control over a giant blue ‘tactical crystal’ in the centre of the map. Getting to this crystal isn’t going to be easy, though, as the opposing team are set on taking you down, and even the map itself can be dangerous.

FFXIV may be one of the best MMOs of all time, but it’s not known for its PvP combat. This new mode aims to change all that; FFXIV Crystalline Conflict is a fast-paced, accessible multiplayer mode without too high of a barrier to entry, designed to welcome new players and seasoned citizens of Eorzea alike.

Those that enjoy a challenge can climb the ranks from Bronze to Crystal tier in ranked mode, but there are also plenty of rewards available depending on your performance, including PvP experience, Series experience, Wolf Marks, and more. According to Square Enix, there’s an extensive plan for seasonal content and prizes going forward, too. So, it’s time to prepare your hotbars and get ready to learn everything there is to know about the new FFXIV PvP mode, Crystalline Conflict.

How to play FFXIV Crystalline Conflict

To participate in the Crystalline Conflict mode, you must have at least one job at level 30 and have completed the quest ‘A Pup No Longer’ for your Grand Company. Once these requirements are met, talk with Gungi Zelungi in Wolves’ Den Pier to receive the ‘The Crystal (Line’s) Call’ quest. Once you’ve looked through the explanations about The Crystalline Conflict, it will be available to queue in the Duty Finder.

There’s no need to fill in any specific role to enter a match, so you can play any type of character you like. According to the patch notes, the matchmaking system attempts to create balanced teams by avoiding placing more than one player with a specific job in the same group. There’s no need to worry about the item level of your gear, either, since all characters have the same attributes during the match.

Final Fantasy XIV Crystalline Conflict PvP: The core crystal in front of an active volcano

FFXIV Crystalline Conflict ranks

You can queue either ranked or casual mode in Crystalline Conflict; the latter is for unranked play, while the former allows you to climb the ranked ladder by fighting against players of a similar skill level.

There are a total of six tiers (Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond, and Crystal) and each of them is divided into levels called risers; Bronze 1, 2, and so on. Winning a match earns you one star, progressing you up the risers, and losing sets you back.

FFXIV splits the PvP rankings into seasons, giving you a different set of rewards depending on what rank you end with. To check the rewards for the current season, go to the Crystalline Conflict section in the Lodestone.

FFXIV Crystalline Conflict tips

Whether you’re playing casual or ranked, the matches work in the same way. You will be assigned to one of two teams: the Astra or the Umbra. Unlike the large-scale Frontline PvP challenge, Crystalline Conflict is based on two small groups consisting of five players. While the system aims to create balanced teams, there’s no guarantee that the game won’t match you up with two tankers in your group.

You need to get familiar with how your job works inside a Crystalline Conflict match and also how this specific mode functions. You can do this by accessing your PvP Profile in the Character Menu, here you will find your Job Actions. Don’t forget to use Recuperate and Purify as these skills can stop you from dying in an instant. With all that out of the way, it’s time to fight for the crystal.

During the match, both teams try to move a large crystal in the centre of the arena called a ‘tactical crystal’. The crystal won’t move until a player on either team stands in the surrounding area. To win the match, one team must move the tactical crystal to the other team’s goal.

Final Fantasy XIV Crystalline Conflict PvP: Astra beating their opponents in a Crystalline Conflict match

In the middle of the route for each goal, there are checkpoints where the crystal stops in place – players must hold the area for an amount of time to release it. Each match lasts five minutes, but if a winner isn’t decided during this period, the game goes into overtime. In overtime, the team that progressed the furthest must remove all members from the opposite team away from the tactical crystal. The losing team must take control of the crystal during this time and move it to increase their progress.

There are three types of stages, each with their own set of gimmicks: Palaistra, Volcanic Heart, and Cloud Nine. These gimmicks range from giant bombs littering the map, to jumping glyphs that send you to a certain point on the map. If you want to learn more about the arena currently in rotation, you can find out which one is available in both casual and ranked in the Duty Finder.

FFXIV Crystalline Conflict rewards

There are multiple rewards for taking part in the Crystalline Conflict. You earn Series experience just by playing the PvP mode, giving you access to different prizes each time you level up. You can claim them by accessing the Series Malmstones System in your PvP Profile. Moreover, by playing Crystalline Conflict you earn Wolf Marks which are used to buy gear and accessories.

Now you have all the information you need to become a high level Crystalline Conflict player – get ready to climb the ranks of Wolves’ Den! If you’re looking for more ways to improve your character, check out our FFXIV Aglaia raid guide to find out the best way to defeat every boss. We also have a guide on the FFXIV Endwalker trials if you’re trying to get through the expansion content.

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