Gaia outfit added to FFXIV online store, and it’s perfect

A FFXIV Gaia outfit has been added to the Final Fantasy 14 online store, letting you mimic one of Square Enix's most beloved characters in the ever-evolving MMO

A woman with long black hair dressed in a black dress with silver inlays stands on a purple background with magical symbols

Square Enix has finally added an FFXIV Gaia outfit to the now-iconic MMORPG‘s online store, meaning that Final Fantasy 14 players can cosplay as the absolutely stunning Oracle of Darkness.

As of January 17, you can pick up Gaia’s Attire from the official Final Fantasy XIV store for $12 / £7.44. Note that it is designed for characters with female body types, and can only be used on one Warrior of Light.

Additionally, the devs note that “gear appears differently depending on the character’s race. Certain combinations of gear and character type may cause clipping issues.”

Featuring the Ascian’s iconic off-the-shoulder trench coat, your character dons a pair of thigh-high tights, killer black platform boots, and a floaty leather mini skater dress with leather embellishments that closes around their neck in the form of a ruffled choker.

“This ingenious amalgamation of leather, ruffles, and frills will transform its wearer into the spitting image of the enigmatic Gaia,” reads the official description.

“How does the black trench coat so perfectly frame her bared shoulders? How does she fight so effortlessly in platform boots, thigh-high stockings, and a stylishly cinched dress? How does she do it!? These secrets and more will be revealed to you upon donning this ensemble of Darkness!”

A tall woman with grey skin and pink hair stands with her hands on her hips next to a small woman with white hair tied back and a woman with pink hair and cat ears all wearing a lolita-style outfit against a blue background with an iceberg

For those unfamiliar with Gaia, the character is a boss in both Eden’s Gate: Descent in the form of Voidwalker, and Eden’s Promise: Eternity as her Ascian alter ego, Loghrif, the Oracle of Darkness. Both instances form part of the Eden raid series in Shadowbringers, where we first meet Gaia and uncover her forgotten, bloodstained past.

As someone who is in love with all things gothic and lacy, I need this outfit for my Viera. Her pastel pink hair against that ebony leather would look stunning – Fashion Report, I’m coming for you.

If you’re planning to jump back into game and pick up Gaia’s Attire, be sure to check out our FFXIV Reaper guide and or FFXIV Sage guide – after all, how good would this outfit look on a Reaper? If you’ve exhausted the MSQ, I’d also advise checking out our FFXIV Island Sanctuary guide, as the feature is easily one of the best post-Endwalker additions to the game.