FFXIV Island Sanctuary guide and release date speculation

The new FFXIV Island Sanctuary feature is almost here, adding a relaxing personal area for players to farm and take a break from combat

FFXIV Island Sanctuary: Artwork showing a person with plenty of animals and crops around them on a farm

The FFXIV Island Sanctuary is perhaps the biggest feature arriving in the hugely popular MMO game for quite some time. Patch 6.2 is the next update after the Crystalline Conflict PvP mode, and while new content arrives in the game quite often, the Island Sanctuary aspect has players hugely excited, and for good reason.

While raids or special gear are regularly added to the game, the Island Sanctuary is a little different. This disregards the combat element of Final Fantasy XIV and instead focuses on providing players with a space to relax, do some farming, and exhibit a little self care. What does the FFXIV Island Sanctuary offer exactly, when is it coming to the game, and what else do we know about it so far?

FFXIV Island Sanctuary: A lake with a mountain in the background and a blue sky behind it

FFXIV Island Sanctuary release date speculation

When is the FFXIV Island Sanctuary update coming? At the time of writing, there’s no confirmed release date other than late August, so we can’t put a finger on the exact day. However, Live Letter 72 is bound to clue us in on some more details. With that happening on August 12 and the pattern of updates coming 11 days after the Live Letters, our educated guess is August 23.

What is the FFXIV Island Sanctuary?

We don’t have our hands on the Island Sanctuary feature just yet, so most of this information comes from Naoki Yoshida, the director, and producer on FFXIV, during Live Letter 71, which was a livestreamed conversation that took place in July.

Island Sanctuary is a new type of casual content that is going to work as an instanced area, similar to how the housing system functions. Players will establish a base of operations, complete with customisation options.

FFXIV Island Sanctuary: A view of the island from the sky, but most of the island is pixelated except for a small portion in the corner

Despite the area focusing on farming activities, such as creating and obtaining materials, players won’t need to have their Disciple of the Land and Hand classes leveled up to enjoy Island Sanctuary. At the same time, it is unclear whether there is a minimum level for players to get access to an island.

The island may work as a hub for specific content and items, much like Eureka or Bozja that are present in the game already. However, instead of being something that must be completed in a group, this area is focused on solo content. There will likely be some quests to showcase the region, or even some sort of delivery system through which you can earn rewards by completing tasks. It also looks like Island Sanctuary will be rather large based on an image shown during the aforementioned Live Letter, though it is an assumption on our part based on how much of the image is pixelated to hide things behind.

FFXIV Island Sanctuary: A tropical beach on the island with a small boat on the shore

What to do at your Island Sanctuary

Consider the Island Sanctuary as FFXIV’s very own farming simulator. Players will be able to grow plants and seeds found on the island, and collect creatures from the region. Besides that, to populate the base, pets owned by players can run freely in the area. These are obtained through quests, events, dungeons, or purchases.

Yoshi-P has also shared that specific materials can be gathered here, but it is not clear if players will be able to use them outside of the island. On the other hand, crafting will be used to make tools to help gather these materials and to make handicrafts that will be sold for the island’s special currency. It is not clear what can be bought with it, but during the Live Letter, it was confirmed that the island’s currency can be exchanged for special items.

Now that you know everything you need up until this point about FFXIV Island Sanctuary, you can start planning your island or get back to Crystalline Conflict to wait for patch 6.2.