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FFXIV Moogle Treasure Trove 2022 rewards include rare mounts

The FFXIV Moogle Treasure Trove 2022 rewards for the MMORPG offer some rare mounts, gestures, minions, and other accessories ahead of the 6.2 release date

FFXIV Moogle Treasure Trove 2022 rewards and how to get them

Final Fantasy XIV’s newest event starts on July 25, and the FFXIV Moogle Treasure Trove 2022 rewards include a selection of rare mounts, gestures, minions, and more from across the critically-acclaimed MMORPG’s history. The event, which is scheduled to run until the launch of the FFXIV 6.2 update Buried Memory, gives players plenty of ways to earn the items by running a wide selection of old content in the fantasy game.

The Moogle Treasure Trove event is designed to encourage the MMO’s player base into keeping some of the game’s dungeon and raid queues populated during the downtime between major updates. In return, players who participate will earn Irregular Tomestones of Verity, which can then be cashed in at the Itinerant Moogle vendors in each of the three main starting hubs for a number of rare items.

Of particular note are likely to be the mounts. For 50 tomestones, you can get the Lunar Kamuy Fife and Ufiti Horn. The former, which summons the Lunar Kamuy mount, usually requires farming The Minstrel’s Ballad: Tsukuyomi’s Pain – one of the most challenging Stormblood extreme trials – so this is a much more straightforward way to get your hands on one. The latter grants players the Ufiti mount, a giant gorilla-like creature that cradles you in its arms.

Two Ostensibly Special Timeworn Maps can be yours for 30 tomestones – these guarantee a treasure portal allowing you to enter the Excitatron 6000 treasure dungeon, which offers a ton of rewards to participants as well as just being an absolute blast to experience. The Behemoth gear is also available, if you don’t fancy waiting around for the notorious ‘He Taketh it with His Eyes’ FATE to spawn or trying to pull together a group to take it on.

Among the other items of record are Demon Brick earrings, the Saintly Style, a haircut somewhat reminiscent of that of Roxas from Kingdom Hearts, the ‘Winsome Wallflower’ emote that allows players to lean casually against any nearby objects, multiple mounts from ARR beast tribe quests and ARR/Heavensward extreme trials, and the especially adorable Hedgehoglet and Tora-jiro minions, as well as a Wind-up Elvaan.

Final Fantasy XIV mounts - Lunar Kamuy and Ufiti

When is the Final Fantasy XIV Moogle Treasure Trove 2022 event, what are the rewards, and where can I get them?

The FFXIV Moogle Treasure Trove 2022 rewards can be bought with Irregular Tomestones of Verity, which may be earned from July 25 at 1am PT / 4am ET / 9am BST until the event concludes when maintenance for FFXIV patch 6.2 begins (currently scheduled for late August).

Rewards may be claimed at the Itinerant Moogles located in Limsa Lominsa Lower Decks (x:9.4, y:11.6), New Gridania (x:12.4, y:12.1), and Ul’dah Steps of Nald (x:9.6, y:9.1). The rewards available from this event are:

  • Demon Brick Earring (earrings) – 100 tomestones
  • Lunar Kamuy Fife (Lunar Kamuy mount) – 50 tomestones
  • Ufiti Horn (Ufiti mount) – 50 tomestones
  • Wind-Up Elvaan (minion) – 50 tomestones
  • Modern Aesthetics, Saintly Style (hairstyle) – 50 tomestones
  • eScape Orchestrion Roll – 50 tomestones
  • Ballroom Etiquette, The Winsome Wallflower (emote) – 30 tomestones
  • Ostensibly Special Timeworn Map x2 – 30 tomestones
  • Thundercloud (Lancer’s arm) – 30 tomestones
  • Behemoth Knives (Rogue’s arm) – 30 tomestones
  • Heavy Behemoth Helm (head) – 30 tomestones
  • Behemoth Helm (head) – 30 tomestones
  • Behemoth Mask (head) – 30 tomestones
  • Ring of Lasting Shelter (ring) – 30 tomestones
  • Pixie Earrings (earrings) – 30 tomestones
  • Elbst Horn (Cavalry Elbst mount) – 30 tomestones
  • Bomb Palanquin Horn (Bomb Palanquin mount) – 30 tomestones
  • Gullfaxi Whistle (Gullfaxi mount) – 30 tomestones
  • Markab Whistle (Markab mount) – 30 tomestones
  • Round Lanner Whistle (Round Lanner mount) – 30 tomestones
  • Warring Lanner Whistle (Warring Lanner mount) – 30 tomestones
  • MGP Platinum Card (50,000 MGP) – 30 tomestones
  • Steppe Bed (furnishing) – 30 tomestones
  • Siphon Coffee Brewer (tabletop decoration) – 30 tomestones
  • Fat Cat Wall Chronometer (wall-mounted decoration) – 30 tomestones
  • Bomb Cauldron (furnishing) – 30 tomestones
  • Ronkan Rocking Chair (furnishing) – 30 tomestones
  • Neo-Ishgardian set of Aiming – 15 tomestones per item
  • Thanalan Riding Maps – 10 tomestones per item
  • Biggs & Wedge (Triple Triad card) – 10 tomestones
  • Frixio (Triple Triad card) – 10 tomestones
  • Qitian Dasheng (Triple Triad card) – 7 tomestones
  • Yiazmat (Triple Triad card) – 7 tomestones
  • Tora-jiro (minion) – 7 tomestones
  • Hedgehoglet (minon) – 7 tomestones
  • Seven Hundred Seventy-Seven Whiskers Orchestrion Roll – 7 tomestones
  • Magicked Prism (Job Mastery) – 1 tomestone

Where can I earn Irregular Tomestones of Verity?

Irregular Tomestones of Verity can be earned from any duty which features a moogle icon next to it in the duty finder. Tomestones will not be awarded when using adventurer squadrons or the duty support system, and are only available to players in unrestricted parties if they are using the level sync option. The list of duties is as follows:

Awards seven Irregular Tomestones of Verity:

  • The Orbonne Monastery (level 70 raid)
  • The Praetorium (level 50 dungeon)

Awards six Irregular Tomestones of Verity:

  • The Ridorana Lighthouse (level 60 raid)

Awards five Irregular Tomestones of Verity:

  • The Royal City of Rabanastre (level 70 raid)

Awards three or five Irregular Tomestones of Verity:

  • Onsal Hakair (Danshig Naadam) (level 30 PvP)
  • The Fields of Glory (Shatter) (level 30 PvP)
  • Seal Rock (Seize) (level 30 PvP)
  • The Borderland Ruins (Secure) (level 30 PvP)

Awards four Irregular Tomestones of Verity:

  • The Keeper of the Lake (level 50 dungeon)
  • The Lost City of Amdapor (level 50 dungeon)
  • Haukke Manor (Hard) (level 50 dungeon)
  • Castrum Meridianum (level 50 dungeon)
  • The Aurum Vale (level 47 dungeon)

Awards three Irregular Tomestones of Verity:

  • The Porta Decumana (level 50 trial)
  • Dzemael Darkhold (level 44 dungeon)

Awards two Irregular Tomestones of Verity:

  • Alphascape V1.0, V2.0, V3.0, V4.0 (level 70 raids)
  • Sigmascape V1.0, V2.0, V3.0, V4.0 (level 70 raids)
  • Deltascape V1.0, V2.0, V3.0, V4.0 (level 70 raids)
  • The Cloud Deck (level 80 trial)
  • Castrum Marinum (level 80 trial)
  • Cinder Drift (level 80 trial)

It was recently announced that the Dragoon and Astrologian job reworks would be postponed until the RPG game‘s next major expansion. Elsewhere in the FFXIV community, a 1,000-strong community choir has come together in honour of the series’ lead composer.