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Final Fantasy XIV patch 2.55 concludes one story and leaves the door open for Heavensward

Final Fantasy XIV patch 2.55

With Final Fantasy XIV’s first expansion on the horizon, the main scenario, Before the Fall, is coming to a close. As well as adding a slew of new main scenario quests and side content, Before the Fall Part II also removes the weekly limit on The Final Coil of Bahamut and World of Darkness and bring some changes to the Gold Saucer.

Final Fantasy’s been getting hit with updates every month so far, this year, and big ones too, adding new dungeons, quests and the wonderful Gold Saucer, with its chocobo racing and Triple Triad. Though it’s gearing up for the Heavensward expansion, this chapter of the game hasn’t been fading away quietly.

It’s all be enough to make me resub, which I honestly didn’t think I would do. And I’m glad I did — I’ve been having a blast.

Take a gander at all the new additions, changes and bug fixes here.