FFXIV Island Sanctuary gathering materials guide

Our FFXIV Island Sanctuary gathering guide covers all the materials you can find in the area, so you can improve your own island and also make some money

FFXIV Island Sanctuary gathering: a character looking at the horizon from a rock

Looking for a FFXIV Island Sanctuary gathering guide? Knowing how Island Sanctuary gathering works is vital for the development of your island, including how to gather materials and use them, along with the ranks you can unlock the various tools and materials at. We’ve also got a map with all the Island Sanctuary material locations, so you know exactly where to look.

The gathering system introduced with this update to one of the best MMO games works slightly differently from the main game and is only relevant when you’re in your own Island Sanctuary, an update that cements FFXIV as one of the best PC games in its genre. Here is our Island Sanctuary gathering materials guide.

FFXIV Island Sanctuary gathering: a player gathering some materials from a grassy floor

How to gather and use materials in Island Sanctuary

In Island Sanctuary, materials are the foundation for every activity on the island. First, you need to create tools and facilities. Once you have built a Workshop or unlocked the Pasture and Cropland, you need to gather materials to produce handicrafts, food for the animals, and seeds to cultivate. Some of these can be sold for Seafarer’s Cowrie, and this is the most basic cycle you will end up following in Island Sanctuary, making you extremely dependent on gathering materials.

There are two types of materials that you can gather: ones from The Wilds, and others from your crops and Pasture. While getting the first type will require tools, the second is all about capturing/feeding your animals and seeding/watering the crops.

As with most actions you can perform inside the island, gathering materials is a simple activity. You must first select the Gathering Mode in your Islekeep’s Index and then interact with any node you find in the Wilds, Pasture, or Cropland. Every time you do so, you get only one of each possible material for that node. The items you can collect are determined by the tools you have unlocked. This works differently with materials you gather from the Pasture and Croplands since the number of materials or the type won’t change based on your tools.

FFXIV Island Sanctuary gathering: the menu for the granary

Island Sanctuary ranks and unlocks

Since gathering materials demands a considerable amount of time and may not be an attractive idea for some players, when you reach Rank 5 you can build a Granary. Having at least one Granary built on your island will give you access to a system to send the little Mammets to catch materials for you. This service costs some Seafarer’s Cowrie and takes real-time hours to be completed so it’s not going to gather /all/ the materials you may need. but it’s a great way to maintain your stock and get your hands on some rare materials.

Here is a list of the Island Sanctuary ranks and their relevant unlocks for gathering:

Rank 1

  • Tools: Stone Hatchet
  • Materials: Apple, Branch, Cabbage Seed, Clam, Coral, Islewort, Laver, Palm Log, Palm Leaf, Pumpkin Seed, Sap, Stone, Vine

Rank 2

  • Tools: Makeshift Net
  • Materials: Any from small animals

Rank 3

  • Tools: Stone Hammer
  • Materials: Copper Ore, Limestone, Rock Salt

Rank 5

  • Tools: Shovel
  • Materials: Alyssum, Clay, Hammerhead Shark, Parsnip Seed, Popoto Set,, Raw Island Garnet, Spruce Log, Silver Ore

Rank 6

  • Tools: Copper Scythe, Makeshift Restraint
  • Materials: Any from medium animals, Cotton, Hemp, Sugarcane

Rank 7

  • Tools: Islekeep’s Bronze Gig
  • Materials: Corn Seed, Islefish, Isleberry Seed, Jellyfish, Onion Seed, Radish Seed, Tomato Seed, Wheat Seed.

Rank 8

  • Tools: Makeshift Soporific, Islekeep’s Bronze Beakaxe
  • Materials: Any from large animals, Iron Ore, Leucogranite, Quartz.

Island Sanctuary material locations

Here is a list of all materials you can gather from nodes found in the Wilds. There are specific ones that you only find using the Granary system (Raw Island Garnet, Island Hammerhead Shark, Island Silver Ore, Island Alyssum, Island Spruce Log), and others that you can only buy from a NPC (Island Corn Seeds).

The locations for each item present in the map that lies below are not the only places you will find the materials, but there are a considerable number of nodes in each specified region.

FFXIV Island Sanctuary gathering: an annotated map with 30 materials you can find on the island

1 – Island Palm Leaf
2 – Island Vine
3 – Island Islewort
4 – Island Cabbage Seeds
5 – Island Pumpkin Seeds
6 – Island Clam
7 – Island Stone
8 – Island Sap
9 – Island Branch
10 – Island Sand
11 – Island Laver
12 – Island Coral
13 – Island Apple
14 – Island Log
15 – Island Palm Log
16 – Island Tinsand
17 – Island Clay
18 – Island Rock Salt
19 – Island Copper Ore
20 – Island Limestone
21 – Island Popoto Set
22 – Island Parsnip Seeds
23 – Island Hemp
24 – Island Jellyfish
25 – Island Cotton Boll
26 – Island Sugarcane
27 – Island Leucogranite
28 – Island Quartz
29 – Island Iron Ore
30 – Island Squid

This is all you need to know about gathering materials in Island Sanctuary. Now, to help you even further in terms of crafting more materials, you may want to check our guide on the FFXIV Island Sanctuary animals list which will help you find different types of materials.