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FFXIV Island Sanctuary animals list, locations, and materials

There are plenty of FFXIV Island Sanctuary animals to discover and capture for you to take home, feed, and give all the love they deserve

A FFXIV player standing next to a very fluffy looking sheep

Want to know more about the FFXIV Island Sanctuary animals? Your island sanctuary is a place to relax, enjoy nature, and grow some crops after spending countless hours on raids and fights against deadly bosses. On your Island Sanctuary, you will find many of the same animals found in the main game, but now you can capture and take care of them.

What if you could feed an Opo-Opo? Or pet a giant Aurochs? For the first time in the history of the MMO game, you can now live out these fantasies, taking what was one of the best PC games in its genre to the next level. Not only can these animals be treated as pets, but they’re also an important part of the process of crafting items and selling them. We’ve put together a list of the rarest animals in FFXIV Island Sanctuary to help you catch them all.

FFXIV Island Sanctuary Animals FFXIV Island Sanctuary Animals can be taken to your own farm.

How to capture animals in Island Sanctuary

To sort through the range of different animals on Island Sanctuary, each of them is automatically placed into a group based on their size: small, medium, or large. While walking around the Wilds, you may stumble upon a Chocobo, a Lost Lamb, or an Auroch. Once you find them, your next step is to get one for your collection.

Capturing animals involves using a restraining tool and a type of consumable that you can craft with materials you find on the island. To successfully capture animals, you must match the restraining tool with their group size. You should also pay attention to how you approach the animals. Sneak behind them, then, with the Capture Mode activated, click on the animal you want to capture.

Here’s a list of each restraining tool and what you need to craft them:

  • Makeshift Net – Sanctuary Rank 2.
    • 1 Island Branch, 2 Island Vine
  • Makeshift Restraint – Sanctuary Rank 6
    • 3 Island Hemp, 1 Island Copper Ore
  • Makeshift Soporific – Sanctuary Rank 8
    • 2 Island Laver, 1 Island Sap, 2 Island Jellyfish

FFXIV Island Sanctuary Animals requires specific tools to be captured.

Island Sanctuary rare animals

Island Sanctuary has a vast fauna with regular animals, but also rare ones. When you capture an animal, it’s placed in the Pasture, where you can take care of them by giving food and petting it. Doing so will make them produce “leavings”, a specific material that you then can collect from time to time. Some animals produce milk, fleece, fur, horns, and so on.

These are important materials that can only be used to craft Island items to be sold for Seafarer’s Cowrie in your Workshop. To make sure your stock is enough to deal with your workshop production, it’s fundamental that you capture different animals for your Pasture. So, here’s a list of all the animals you can find on the island, their locations, which material you can get from them, and if there is specific weather, you should wait for them to spawn. Any animals with an asterisk next to their name are considered rare animals.

[FFXIV-IslandSanctuaryAnimals-3] FFXIV Island Sanctuary Animals types are diverse and from small to really big ones.

Small – Makeshift Net

  • Apkallu – Location: X: 30 Y 24 or X: 15 Y: 11. Material: Fleece.
  • Apkallu of Paradise* – Location: X: 19 Y: 11. Material: Fleece.
  • Beachcomb* – Location: X: 17 Y: 12. Weather: Rain. Material: Carapace.
  • Coblyn – Location: X: 20 Y: 13. Material: Fang.
  • Ground Squirrel – Location: X: 15 Y: 19. Material: Claw.
  • Lemur* – Location: X: 20 Y: 26. Material: Claw.
  • Lost Lamb – Location: X: 20 Y: 23. Material: Fleece.
  • Opo-Opo – Location: X: 20 Y: 26. Material: Claw.
  • Ornery Karakul*: Location: X: 20 Y: 23. Material: Milk
  • Star Marmot*: Location: X: 15 Y: 19. Material: Fur.
  • Twinklefleece*: Location: X: 22 Y: 20. Weather: Fog. Material: Fleece
  • Yellow Coblyn*: Location: X: 27 Y: 19. Weather: Fog. Material: Carapace.

Medium – Makeshift Restraint

  • Black Chocobo* – Location: X: 13 Y: 11. Material: Feather
  • Chocobo – Location: X: 13 Y: 11. Material: Fur
  • Dodo of Paradise* – Location: X: 16 Y: 12. Material: Feather
  • Glyptodon* – Location: X: 31 Y: 11. Material: Claw
  • Glyptodon Pup – Location: X: 31 Y: 11. Material: Carapace
  • Island Doe – Location: X: 21 Y: 19. Material: Fur,
  • Island Stag* – Location: X: 20 Y: 19. Material: Fur
  • Paissa* – Location: X: 25 Y: 28. Material: Claw
  • Wild Dodo – Location: X: 16 Y: 12. Material: Egg

Large – Makeshift Soporific

  • Aurochs – Location: X: 12 Y: 17. Material: Milk
  • Alligator* – Location: X: 17 Y: 24. Weather: Showers. Material: Claw
  • Blue Back – Location: X: 28 Y: 27. Material: Egg
  • Goobbue* – Location: X: 33 Y: 16. Material: Fang
  • Gold Back* – Location: X: 31 Y: 28. Weather: Rain. Material: Feather.
  • Grand Buffalo* – Location: X: 12 Y: 17. Material: Horn.
  • Island Billy* – Location: X: 26 Y: 22. Material: Horn.
  • Island Nanny – Location: X: 26 Y: 24. Material: Milk.

That’s all you need to know about capturing animals in Final Fantasy XIV Island Sanctuary. Now craft your tools and go find them all! Once you’ve set up your farm, you might want to check out the FFXIV The Rising event to unlock a Clockwork Solus minion.