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FFXIV The Aetherfont Dungeon - boss mechanics and rewards explained

In the Aetherfont, the newest FFXIV dungeon, you visit a freezing land and face off against a classic enemy and a range of deadly bosses.

Want to know how to beat FFXIV The Aetherfont dungeon? Patch 6.4 has introduced a new dungeon, which is the cause of distress to those who would like to avoid getting smashed by all the unknown mechanics. But don’t fret because we’ve prepared this guide explaining what you should do in each boss fight you face in the Aetherfont dungeon.

Although FFXIV is quite friendly to new players, the idea of playing with other people and dealing with mechanics during fights stresses many players. So, learning beforehand what each boss does in this MMORPG and how to solve the mechanics can make the experience of playing the game more enticing. On the other hand, you should always remember that if the game is stressing you out, take some time off and follow the advice given by FFXIV Yoshi-P, the game director, and play other games as well.

In Aetherfont, Lyngbakr is the first boss players fight

FFXIV The Aetherfont dungeon explained

Following the traditional design of other FFXIV dungeons, the Aetherfont has three bosses and small areas with regular enemies between them.

The Aetherfont Lyngbakr boss fight

The first boss in The Aetherfont dungeon you face is Lyngbakr. During the fight, Lyngbakr casts Body Slam, an attack that hits the party and places small and large ice piles on the field. After using Body Slam, the boss always casts Upsweep, which creates vibrations that affect the piles and make them explode, inflicting you with Vulnerability stacks. The small piles take less time to explode, but the explosion covers a small area, while the big piles take longer, but the area affected by their explosion is quite large.

When Body Slam is active, you should look for locations far from the ice piles. There is a situation where small and big piles are placed on the field and all of them are going to explode. To solve this situation, remember that the bigger piles take longer to explode, so you can wait for the small ones to detonate and then move to where they were. Besides that, pay attention to Lyngbakr’s attack Tidal Breath, which is a 180º frontal attack. The safest way of avoiding it is to go behind the boss.

Arkas is a challenging boss players must face in FFXIV the Aetherfont

The Aetherfont Arkas boss fight

Arkas is the second boss you have to fight in The Aetherfont. As usual, you have to deal with a lot of AoE attacks that deal damage to multiple party members. Your main concern during this encounter is to survive Arka’s Lightning Leap and Lightning Rampage attacks. During Lightning Leap, Arkas jumps to a specific area of the arena and leaves lightning fractures on the ground. Lightning Rampage detonates the lightning fractures, causing an explosion that inflicts you with Vulnerability stacks. Whenever the boss uses this attack, you should keep a safe distance from where he is landing, and look for areas with large spaces between the lightning traces on the ground.

It’s important to remember that the Lightning Fracture’s explosions resolve before Arka’s leaps, so you don’t have to deal with both attacks at the same time. Wait for the explosion and then move to a safe place. Eventually, Arkas starts leaving pools of electrical energy on the ground after some of his basic attacks. So, pay attention and keep moving.

Octomammoth is a classic enemy and now a boss in FFXIV the Aetherfont.

The Aetherfont Octomammoth boss fight

To complete the dungeon you must first beat Octomammoth, the last boss of The Aetherfont. The area you face this boss is different from the previous ones since there are five small arenas around the boss. You want to be careful with Octomammoth’s attack Octostroke in which the boss hits the platforms with their tentacles. Look for a platform with no tentacles facing it to be safe.

Next, there’s Tidal Breath, a 180º frontal attack. Since you can’t go behind the boss, you must look for one of the last platforms that are beside the boss to escape the attack. Octomammoth has another strong attack, Breathstroke, in which the boss mixes Octostroke and Tidal Breath. To prevent getting hit by this attack, look for a platform on the opposite side the boss is facing that has fewer tentacles facing it.

How to unlock the Aetherfont dungeon in FFXIV

To unlock the Aetherfont dungeon you must progress through the Post-Endwalker quest “Going Haam”. You need to be at least level 90 and Item Level 605 to enter. This quest is part of Patch 6.4 The Dark Throne, it requires you to have completed the previous Main Story Quests to become accessible.

Players can earn the minion Puffin as a reward in FFXIV the Aetherfont.

FFXIV The Aetherfont dungeon rewards

In the Aetherfont dungeon, chests and bosses drop pieces of equipment of Item Level 625. The last boss, Octomammoth has the chance to drop a minion called Puffin. As of the time of writing this guide, whenever you complete this dungeon, you also earn 80 Allagan Tomestone of Causality and 50 Allagan Tomestone of Comedy.

And this is all you need to know to complete FFXIV the Aetherfont dungeon. In case you are looking for a different challenge to face in the game, you should check our piece on FFXIV deep dungeon Eureka Orthos with tips from experts. If not, there is more content announced during the last FFXIV Live Letter for you to take a look at.