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Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn 2.3 adds new dungeons, chocobo raising and one hell of a beard

Final Fantasy XIV 2.3

Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn’s 2.3 update, Defenders of Eorzea, is a big one, apparently requiring an 8 minute trailer. There does seem to be quite a lot to get through, including Chocobo rearing, new quests, a boss with the most magnificent beard ever conceived of by the human brain and a slew of new dungeons. It’s come a long way since our A Realm Reborn review last year.

Direct your eyes towards the trailer below. 

Just look at that beard. It’s like another creature entirely. I have so many questions about it. Does it have a name? What’s its diet? There must be a story behind this fellow’s face foliage, and I bet it’s a great tale. Another video needs to be put together detailing everything we so clearly need to know about that facial topiary.

With brand new dungeons and hard versions of old ones, like the early Tam Tara Deepcroft dungeon, a shiny new area and the all the gear and recipes to hunt down, it sounds like you Final Fantasy folk have a lot of work ahead of you.There’s even a some interior decorating shenanigans to get up to when you’re tired of hacking away at monsters.

At least you have until July 8th to prepare.