Final FFXIV 6.1 Live Letter confirmed for April’s worst day

FFXIV Live Letter 70 will bring us the final details on 6.1 ahead of the patch's launch, though it's landing on a particularly terrifying date

FFXIV Live Letter 70: A collage of the FFXIV player character in various jobs

FFXIV Live Letter 70 has been confirmed for April, and it will provide what’s likely the final set of details on patch 6.1 before the update’s launch next month. The timing of this Live Letter also gives us a pretty good idea of when the new patch will actually release, too.

FFXIV Live Letter 70 will air on Friday, April 1 at 4am PDT / 7am EDT / 12pm BST via YouTube and Twitch. On the official site, the devs note that this will include “part two” of the 6.1 reveal, as well as info on “miscellaneous updates”. As with other Live Letters focused on smaller patches, there will be no live English translation. However, on-screen slides detailing major features will be translated, and the unofficial FFXIV Discord usually provides additional fan translations.

With the Live Letter set for April 1, fans are already bracing themselves for all sorts of fake announcements to kick off the show – though the broadcast will mostly be made up of real info. (Probably.) The date means it’s likely that patch 6.1 will launch on Tuesday, April 12, since updates almost always launch 11 days following the last Live Letter promoting them. Either way, you can expect the date to be confirmed as part of the broadcast.

Live Letter 69 (nice) confirmed things like the expansion of glamour plates and the revamped final dungeons in MSQ roulette.

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