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The FF14 and FF16 crossover is now in-game, but you can’t play it yet

Final Fantasy 14 patch 6.58 looks to have added the FF16 crossover items to the game's backend, suggesting we'll get a release date soon.

FF14 FF16 crossover: a small person in a yellow hooded coat waving a paintbrush in the air with a palette

With Final Fantasy 14 patch 6.58 finally here, a lot of evidence is starting to point towards an imminent reveal of the FF14 and FF16 crossover release date. With director Naoki Yoshida set to do panels on both games at PAX, and all the crossover unlocks already found in the game files, I have a sneaking suspicion that we’ll have our own adorable Torgal mount in no time.

Earlier this year Yoshida said the FF14 and FF16 crossover date was planned for “early April” in the MMORPG, and 6.58 has just tried to sneak all the new content in under the radar. While you can’t get any of the event items in Final Fantasy 14 just yet, this does point to them being unlocked, and thus the crossover event given a date, incredibly soon.

Thanks to Garland Data, we can now easily see the Clive Rosfield Triple Triad Card, Torgal mount and minion, the Metian Attire from FF16, and a slate of Orchestrion Rolls from that game, too.

FF14 FF16 crossover: a screenshot of the items coming in the MMO crossover

While it would be safe to assume we’ll be hearing about the crossover event soon then. Having all of this in the game’s files points, in my eyes at least, to the release date at PAX East. We might even get the FF14 Dawntrail release date here too, but that’s more wishful thinking.

PAX will have both a FF14 and FF16 panel, with director and producer (respectively) Naoki Yoshida present at both. I don’t think it’s going too far to say that at one of these presentations, we’ll hear about the crossover, especially considering how last we heard it was coming in April, and all the rewards have just been added to the game.

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