Playing Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn this weekend? Lets hangout!


The rebirth of Final Fantasy XIV is live, and you can read all about it in our A Realm Reborn review.

The early access headstart to Square Enix’s Final Fantasy XIV reboot starts in less than an hour, and I’m going to be playing it for review. MMOs are a different beast compared to your average joe review: they require a great deal more time to fully explore every nook and cranny. Most importantly though is that they require friends to experience all the content they have to offer e.g. dungeons, raids, events. So if you’re playing this weekend, lets hangout and travel the world of Eorzea together.

The review will be done in two sections. First an ongoing impressions blog will be updated frequently as I progress through the leveling phase and into the end game. Then after I feel I’ve sufficiently tried all of which FFXIV:ARR has to offer, I’ll dedicate another post to sum up my thoughts and give a verdict. It should take a couple of weeks of regular play, so be sure to check back for my latest opinions and ventures.

Here’s some details on how to get involved if you’re playing this weekend in the early access, or at the official launch:

  • I’ll be playing on the EU servers for the better network performance. I’ve already got my character on Mooglefrom the beta, but if they lock down the server due to a high population, I might change to a less populated one so that friends and readers alike can come and hangout.UPDATE:Moogle was indeed locked down for new characters. Due to this we will be rolling onPhoenix.
  • My in-game name will be “Holo Okami”. Bonus points if you know the reference.
  • I’ve set up a LinkShell named “PCGamesN”. Think of these as server wide chat rooms for social communties. Not to be confused with Free Companies (guilds).
  • I’ve also set up a Free Company on the Phoenix server, called “Blood Paw Pack”. If you want to join then just fire over a PM to me in-game. If you’re already part of another guild, consider joining the LinkShell to stay in touch.
  • Finally we have set up a RaidCall group to provide a place to come and hangout, play and chat. Just click here to be directed to the group, and also install RaidCall if you don’t already have it. I’ll be on it for most if not all of the time I’ll be playing, so do come in and say hello. I promise I don’t bite.

See you in-game!