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Finalmouse gaming keyboard swaps RGB for Unreal Engine 5 screen

A Finalmouse leak reveals the company's first gaming keyboard, and it features a built-in screen that'll display interactive skins powered by Unreal Engine 5

Monitor with Finalmouse gaming keyboard on screen with UE5 powered fish animation

Most gaming keyboard options out there are drenched in RGB, but a Finalmouse leak reveals a mesmerising alternative. In place of conventional lighting, the company’s first board will seemingly use a high-resolution built-in screen to cloak itself in interactive skins, and they’re powered by Unreal Engine 5.

Shared by Jake Lucky on Twitter, the Finalmouse gaming keyboard leak shows off the peripheral’s integrated display in action, complete with a koi fish-themed animation. The display itself stretches to the edges of the device, with transparent keycaps helping mask the fact it’s not a tiny rectangular pond for your gaming desk.

In a way, the Finalmouse gaming keyboard’s screen almost looks like a green screen effect, but there’s more to this clicky-clacky newcomer than meets the eye. While the leak doesn’t demonstrate the screen’s interactive abilities, it’s implied that each animation will respond to inputs. In theory, that means when if you hit a key, the fish should act like you’ve just created a ripple in real water.

Finalmouse gaming keyboard leak with koi fish on built-in screen
Image source: Jake Lucky

Sounds like a game in itself, right? Well, it wields a dedicated GPU and CPU, so it’s almost a gaming PC in its own right. However, just like the best gaming keyboard contenders on the market, it boasts an 8,000Hz polling rate and linear switches, so it’ll likely balance both style and competitive substance.

We’d normally advise ingesting any leaks with a grain of salt, but Finalmouse actually used Lucky’s leak as a teaser opportunity. In a retweet, the company claims the above information is “just the tip of the iceberg,” and that we’ll hear more about the high-spec keyboard on December 17.

We’ll have to wait for an official announcement before knowing whether Finalmouse’s screen tech will “evolve” the industry past RGB, but early signs look promising. Given the keyboard’s specs and extraordinary abilities, it’ll probably come with a high price attached, as the company’s best gaming mouse offering already costs a pretty penny.