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FNAF and Stranger Things meet in new Steam horror game, with a twist

Mixing the gloomy, late-night location of FNAF, the ‘80s flair of Stranger Things, and the gory combat of Resident Evil, a new Steam horror game comes to town.

FNAF and Stranger Things meet in new Steam horror game, with a twist: A hideous monster with a twisted smile from Steam horror game Suffer The Night

I love the original Five Nights at Freddy’s (or FNAF as it’s affectionately known) largely because of its simplicity. One location, one week, one screen – you get a terrific sense of where you are and why, and it makes the whole game really sing. Mix that with the ‘80s retro-tech flair of Stranger Things – floppy-discs, CRT monitors, pixelscript – and some bloody, first-person combat a la Resident Evil Village, and the result is Suffer The Night, a new Steam horror game with a smart, metatextual (a-thank you) twist.

It’s 1989. You’re in an isolated, wooden cabin during a stormy night. Suddenly, a knock on the door – someone’s left you a parcel. You remove the contents, a single, black plastic diskette. Slotting it into your chunky Eldrixon PC, you’re greeted by a seemingly benign text-based adventure game. But then things go wrong. Like, seriously wrong.

Turns out the videogame is actually a living, thinking, malevolent entity, and the more you play, the stronger it becomes. As the game world – and its many, many monsters – leak into your reality, your job is to survive the night against the encroaching, Eldritch horrors. And so, Suffer The Night becomes a videogame where you’re being attacked by a videogame. Check it out in the trailer below:

YouTube Thumbnail

There are also a few dashes here of indie games like Gone Home and Stories Untold, period horrors that use their respective, contemporary tech as the bases for a spooky, lo-fi aesthetic. Think you can survive against a monstrous and bloodthirsty BBC Micro game? Personally, I’m not sure – I get freaked out enough when Steam updates. Speaking of which, you can get Suffer The Night from the Valve shop right now.

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