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FM23 wonderkids - the best young players in Football Manager 2023

FM23 wonderkids are going to be crucial for your team, no matter who you’re managing, and we’ve got a list of the best of the bunch

Football Manager 2023 wonderkids: Tyrick Mitchell running with the ball down the left wing

FM23 Wonderkids aren’t your average young player, they’re the best of the best. While still younger than 21, they often have the current ability to compete with the average top-division player and have a potential so high that it would make any Champions League team blush. However, because of this, they can often cost you tens of millions, although if you’re smart you might be able to pick yourself up a bargain. If you’re looking to build a team for the future and don’t mind developing these players, then you might bag yourself a future club legend.

Whether you’re looking for a goalkeeper, defender, midfielder, winger, or striker, we’ve got you covered. Each position is by potential ability (PA) from highest to lowest. Some players have a fixed PA, while others have a dynamic PA, meaning their potential differs between every save, so their potential in your save could be higher or lower than we have here. We’ve marked every player with a dynamic potential with an asterisk to make it clearer. Here is a list of the best wonderkids in Football Manager 23, an absolute must if you plan on creating a dynasty in one of the best PC games this year.

FM23 Wonderkids: Goalkeeper


Arnau Tenas offers a guaranteed PA of 160 for a reasonable fee, but in reality, any of these keepers have the chance to be real world-class talents. Our pick of the lot, though, has to go to Nathaniel Nwosu. For less than £100k, you can pick yourself up a goalkeeper who will be as good as any other if you’re willing to put the time into his development.

Position Name Value/Wage CA/PA
GK André Gomes* £9M-14.5M / £120k p/w 130/161
GK Anatolii Trubin* £33M-52M / £6k p/w 135/160
GK Arnau Tenas £8.4M-£13.5M / £3.4k p/w 120/160
GK Nathaniel Nwosu* £9k-£95k / £0 p/w 96/160
GK Gavin Bazunu* £29M-45M / £40k p/w 126/159
GK Stefano Turati £5.2M-8.4M / £4.6k p/w 121/159
GK Lucas Chevalier* £7.8M-9.4M / £10.25k p/w 117/157
GK Alejandro Iturbe* £3.3M-£6.8M / £750 p/w 100/156
GK Lucas Canyizares* £3.3M-6.8M / £1.7k p/w 105-151
GK Dennis Seimen* £3.2M-5M / £55 p/w 100/143
GK Gabriel Słonina* £12M-18.5M / £20k p/w 108/141

FM23 Wonderkids: Defender


While it’s perhaps unsurprising that Wesley Fofana tops the defensive charts with his 180 PA, there are plenty of other options available. António Silva offers a PA that can almost reach the same heights as Fofana for a quarter of the price, while the likes of Eric Garcia, Caleb Okoli, Malick Thiaw, and Christian Mosquera could be savvy purchases for a team with less money to spend.

Position Name Value/Wage CA/PA
DC Wesley Fofana £79M-£126M / £230k p/w 151/180
DCL Joško Gvardiol* £81M-99M / £59k p/w 139/176
DRC/DM/WBR Jurriën Timber £65M-£93M / £65k p/w 149/175
DC William Saliba £60M-£95M / £40k p/w 145/175
DC/DM Giorgio Scalvini* £32M-42M / £25.5k p/w 131/174
DC António Silva* £18.5M-24M / £7.25k p/w 132/174
D/WBL/M/AML Alphonso Davies £53M-£84M / £165k p/w 160/172
D/WB/ML Destiny Udogie* £45M-£59M / £50k p/w 142/172
D/WBL Nuno Mendes* £48M-£76M / £34.5k p/w 149/168
D/WBR Tino Livramento* £69M-£85M / £10k p/w 134/168
DC Marc Guéhi £54M-£64M / £45k p/w 143/168
D/WBR/WBL/MR Tariq Lamptey £68M-80M / £45k p/w 142/167
DC Eric Garcia £22M-28M / £49.5k p/w 144/165
DC Caleb Okoli £20M-24M / £17.25k p/w 133/164
D/WBR/WBL/MR Jeremie Frimpong £45M-£71M / £25k p/w 142/162
D/WBR Nathan Patterson £46M-56M / £40k p/w 129/162
D/WBL Luke Thomas £38M-£47M / £25k p/w 134/160
DC Mattia Viti* £16M-19.5M / £10.25k p/w 125/160
D/WB/MR Wilfried Singo £13M-£16.5M / £4.3k p/w 135/159
D/WB/ML Fabiano Parisi £19M-£30M / £3.2k p/w 133/159
DC/DM Malick Thiaw £9.4M-£15M / £17k p/w 125/159
DCR Christian Mosquera* £170k-9.2M / £2.5k p/w 100/155
D/WB/M/AML Alejandro Balde* £12M-£19M / £3.4k p/w 127/154

FM23 Wonderkids: Midfielder


Camavinga, Bellingham, Gavi, Pedri, and Musiala are already world-class players, which is why you’ll have to spend a fortune to get them – but you’ll be guaranteed quality. But you certainly won’t be required to spend big to get some incredible midfield talent. Danilo, Mohammed Kudus, and Nicolas Seiwald start off with decent current ability, and potential for growth, while managers building for the future should be building their teams around players like Alfie Devine, Arda Güler, and Julen Jon Guerrero; all excellent value considering their potential.

Position Name Value/Wage CA/PA
DM/MC Eduardo Camavinga £54M-68M / £130k p/w 147/180
DM/MC Jude Bellingham* £93M-111M / £49k p/w 149/178
DM/M/AMC Alfie Devine* £31M-38M / £5k p/w 106/178
MC/AMRCL Pedri £82M-£98M / £190k p/w 159/176
AMC Arda Güler* £8.6M-10.5M / £2.4k p/w 105/176
DM/M/AMC Gavi* £82M-98M / £125k p/w 148/175
M/AMC Julen Jon Guerrero* £9.4M-14M / £1.2k p/w 101/175
DM/MC Unai Vencedor £152M-168M / £27.5k p/w 145/172
DM/MC Roméo Lavia* £37M-55M / £40k p/w 125/170
MCR/AMC/AML Giovanni Reyna* £69M-83M / £41.5k p/w 140/170
DM/M/AMC Ilaix Moriba* £48M-58M / £24k p/w 133/170
M/AMC João Veloso* £120k-5.2M / £2.4k p/w 85/170
M/AMC/ST Charles De Ketelaere £49M-73M / £47k p/w 145/169
DM/MC Warren Zaïre-Emery* £11.5M-17M / £1.2k p/w 100/166
DM/MC Danilo £10M-15M / £19.25k p/w 134/166
DM/MC Nicolas Seiwald £11.5M-17M / £13k p/w 133/165
DM/M/AMC Enzo Fernándes £39M-46M / £23.5k p/w 150/164
M/AMC Lazar Samardžic £16M-19M / £8k p/w 128/164
MC Archie Gray* £13M-16.5M / £180 p/w 97/164
DM/MC Moisés Caicedo* £37M-57M / £71k p/w 143/162
DM/MC Manu Koné £29M-43M / £38.5k p/w 134/162
DM/MC Samuele Ricci £38M-57M / £30.5k p/w 133/162
M/AMC Mohammed Kudus £22M-32M / £15.5k p/w 142/160
M/AMC Takehiro Nakai* £6M-8.8M / £1.6k p/w 104/160
DM/M/AMC Ryan Gravenberch* £16.5M-20M / £150k p/w 137/159

FM23 Wonderkids: Winger


Fati and Reyna are great options down the left wing for anyone who can afford them, but we think you should be raiding the Norwegian and Danish leagues for Schjelderup and Gulliksen, two bargain players who have some huge potential.

On the right wing, Saka is potentially out of even the richest clubs’ grasp with his eye-watering value, but Pino, Elliott, and Kayky can all fit the bill and will be competing at the same level as Saka in a few seasons’ time, while for those without the megabucks to spend, Prestianni at Argentinian side Vélez could be a steal at only £3m.

Position Name Value/Wage CA/PA
AMRL Vinícius Júnior £203M-244M / £185k p/w 174/184
MC/AMRLC Jamal Musiala £61M-77M / £91k p/w 155/180
AMRL/ST Ansu Fati £43M-65M / £200k p/w 149/178
AMRL Bukayo Saka £200M-236M / £30k p/w 160/177
AMRL/ST Rodrygo £48M-56M / £135k p/w 152/175
AMRLC/ST Yeremy Pino £53M-79M / £23.5k p/w 142/175
MRL/AMRLC Noni Madueke* £74M-106M / £12.5k p/w 139/175
AMRL/ST Gabriel Martinelli £245M-267M / £125k p/w 148/174
AMRLC Khvicha Kvaratskhelia £48M-72M / £25.5k p/w 153/174
AMR Kayky £23M-28M / £25k p/w 112/174
WB/M/AMRLC Callum Hudson-Odoi £46M-69M / £120k p/w 148/170
MC, AMRLC Harvey Elliott £44M-55M / £45k p/w 140/170
AMRLC/ST João Pedro* £30M / £25k p/w 133/170
AMRLC Emile Smith Rowe £152M-167M / £48k p/w 147/168
AMRLC/ST Rayan Cherki* £23M-28M / £30k p/w 118/167
AMR, ST Liel Abada £21M-24M / £15k p/w 140/165
ML/AMRLC Mykhaylo Mudryk £51M-63M / £5k p/w 140/163
AMRL/ST Mathys Tel* £33M-49M / £66k p/w 120/163
AMRC/ST Brennan Johnson £34M-51M / £40k p/w 132/162
MC/AMLC Curtis Jones £30M-45M / £45k p/w 143/162
AMRLC Arsen Zakharyan £17.5M-21M / £29.5k p/w 125/162
AMR/ST Georginio Rutter £14.5M-23M / £14.5k p/w 131/160
AML/ST Andreas Schjelderup £6.4M-7.8M / £4.2k p/w 134/160
MR/AMRC/ST Takefusa Kubo £29M-43M / £36k p/w 143/159
AMRLC/ST David Kalokoh* £6.2M-9.4M / £3.4k p/w 107/158

FM23 Wonderkids: Striker


To nobody’s surprise, Erling Haaland storms to the top of the charts when it comes to strikers, but with perennial prospects Endrick and Youssoufa Moukoko not far behind, they would both be excellent signings for any team. Similarly, Vitor Roque, Mohamed-Ali Cho, and Rodrigo Ribeiro offer great value for money and some decent potential for the future. Players like Jhon Durán, Matías Arezo, or even Iker Villar and Karim Konaté mean that there truly is a wonderkid striker for any budget. Any of these would make an ideal focal point to build your attack for the future.

Position Name Value/Wage CA/PA
ST/AMRL Erling Haaland £219M-249M / £350k p/w 185/195
ST/AMR Endrick* £17.5M-21M / £35 p/w 102/176
ST Youssoufa Mouskoko* £25M-30M / £5.25k p/w 121/173
ST Dane Scarlett* £31M-48M / £10k p/w 110/172
ST Vitor Roque* £14.5M-18.5M / £6.25k p/w 122/173
ST Mohamed-Ali Cho* £18.5M-29M / £3.6k p/w 120/172
ST Armando Broja* £50M-61M / £75k p/w 135/169
ST Rodrigo Ribeiro* £5.2M-8.4M / £3k p/w 94/168
ST Benjamin Šeško* £15.5M-24M / £10.25k p/w 133/167
ST Fábio Silva* £44M-70M / £40k p/w 125/165
ST Jude Soonsup-Bell* £17M-21M / £5k p/w 97/165
ST Jhon Durán* £4.6M-£7.2M / £2.8k p/w 108/165
ST Skye Vink* £10.5M-13.5M / £85 p/w 90/163
ST Emre Tezgel £7M-9M / £180 p/w 85/162
ST/AMR Karim Adeyemi £52M-82M / £99k p/w 138/160
ST/AML Marcos Leonardo* £13M-20M / £10k p/w 129/159
ST Matías Arezo* £7.6M-9.8M / £6.75k p/w 121/159
ST Iker Villar* £300k-£3.1M / £300 p/w 80/158
ST/AML Elye Wahi* £17.5M-27M / £8k p/w 122/157
ST Jon Karrikaburu* £7.8M-10M / £3.4k p/w 119/156
ST Karim Konaté* £1.9M-4M / £1.7k p/w 108/156
ST Julian Rijkhoff* £5.2M-8.4M / £2.2k p/w 102/156
ST/AMC Joe Gelhardt* £11.5M-18M / £5k p/w 121/155
ST Jason van Duiven* £5.4M-8.4M / £800 p/w 101/155
ST Jamie Donley* £18.5M-29M / £180 p/w 95/154

Any one of these players would be an excellent buy if you have the money to spend. While the likes of Saka, Pedri, and Fati are probably unaffordable for all but the PSGs and Manchester Citys of the world, they’re worth the money as they’re already Champions League quality and are only going to get better over time.

For mid-table teams, especially those in the English Premier League with a bit more cash, there are affordable players in every position that will easily slot into your starting 11 and will develop into world-class players during your rise to the top. Players like Trubin, Thiaw, Miretti, and João Pedro are all already solid players available for less than £50m, and if you manage to poach a couple, they could be the perfect kinds of players to start building a team around.

And while there might not be such thing as a ‘cheap’ wonderkid per-se, there are certainly some bargains to be had if you know where to look. Smaller European leagues can provide some hidden gems such as Ribeiro in Portugal, Schjelderup in Norway, or Villar in Spain, while you can never go wrong scouting out Brazil and Argentina were the second coming of Ronaldo, Endrick, is just waiting for you to pick him up.

Finally, while already established wonderkids like Gavi, Pedri, and Fati at Barcelona will always be present in the game no matter what leagues you load in, players at smaller teams such as Schjelderup in Norway may require you to have their leagues playable for them to feature in the database (you can always remove them afterward if you want).

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