FM24 cheats and game editor tools

Give yourself a massive financial advantage using Football Manager 2024 cheats to save your job and get yourself out of a truly terrible run of form

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What are the best FM24 cheats? Financial management can be tricky especially when you start at a lower-league club, and sometimes you just want fast cash to spend. Sports Interactive lets you cheat at Football Manager 2024 with its official FM24 editor tools, allowing you to alter the game in real time.

Some hardcore fans of Football Manager even consider using the best FM24 bargains or best FM24 free agents guides as cheating, preferring to dig through the database to scout talent for themselves. However, if you fancy dabbling in altering reality with the FM24 editor, or taking it one step further with proper cheats, we’ve got the Football Manager 2024 guide to show you how.

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How to use the FM24 editor tools

There are two Football Manager 2024 editors available: pre-game and in-game. The pre-game editor is a free add-on and can be found under ‘tools’ in Steam to install, or in your Epic Game Store library. It’s a powerful tool that allows you to change the game database before creating a new save file. Sports Interactive recommends you run it on a machine with at least 2GB of RAM, as there’s a massive amount of data within the FM24 database.

You can use the pre-game editor to tweak every part of the game to your liking. A lot of players change competition rules to get rid of player registration limits, or automatically qualify for tournaments. A simple but useful edit lets you remove all player injuries, loans, and bans before starting a game, to give you a clean slate.

These global changes can change the fundamentals of FM, separating it from real-life football, but some players find them essential before starting a new save. If you think a player from your club is criminally underrated, you can bump up their attributes. Similarly, if you’re feeling petty, feel free to trash your rival club’s finances. There’s no end to the amount of customization you can add to your world before you start a new project. With the free pre-game editing tool, that’s where the edits stop, and once you load that database and start playing, there’s no more tinkering available.

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The in-game editor for FM24 is essentially a real-time editor for your Football Manager save, though it will set you back $8.99 / £6.99. To use the FM24 in-game editor, download the DLC and make sure the ‘prevent use of in-game editor’ is unchecked, as this option stops you from being able to use it.

The in-game editor displays a pencil icon on every page that lets you tweak club, competition, and player info directly. You can make yourself unsackable, change your bank balance, move players between clubs, and even change their attributes. Hidden player attributes such as potential ability, dirtiness, and reputation can be modified, too.

The options are limitless, and wielding the power becomes quite daunting and can easily spoil the FM24 experience. The in-game editor is the best way to cheat at FM24 and it can become a crutch during a bad run – that’s why you get the option to disable it before each new save starts. You can read more about the FM24 editor tools in the online manual which is linked in the game.

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How to cheat at FM24

Save reloading or save scumming means you can always get the result you want, and it’s something that most football managers have done in their careers. Got a big cup final coming up? Save before kick-off and reload until you win. Did you lose your star striker to a broken leg? Reload the game and change the outcome.

The other most common FM24 cheat is to pump your finances with a second added manager. To do this, create a new manager and take the job at a top club with a big budget. Buy a youth player from your main team with the top club, confirm the embezzlement at your club, and retire the top team manager. You’ll be richer, and the top club will look for a new manager with a big problem to solve.

Now you know how to use the FM24 editor and cheat your way to better results and more money, check out our FM24 best formations and tactics guide so you can start to play like the best. Now that the Football Manager 2024 release date is here, don’t forget to read our FM24 review to find out what we thought about Sports Interactive’s latest title.