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Is the Saudi Pro League in FM24?

After poaching some of the world’s highest-profile players, many are wondering if the Saudi Pro League will be making an appearance in Football Manager 24.

FM24 Saudi Pro League: two football players celebrate after scoring a goal.

Is the Saudi Pro League in FM24? Cristiano Ronaldo, Neymar, Karim Benzema. Some of the biggest names and talents in world football have now found their way to Saudi Arabia, raising the profile of the Saudi Pro League, and, we’re assuming, the quality of the league. Whether they’ve been lured by a new challenge or a huge payday, there’s no denying that the SPL is attempting to make its mark on the football world – but will it make an appearance in Football Manager 24?

The Football Manager 24 release date is nearly here, and players are already picking out their clubs for the new season. Will you be taking a relative unknown and propelling it to glory, or are you the type to take an already established club, aiming to see if you’re up to the mammoth task of keeping them relevant? Football Manager 24 prides itself on casting an extremely wide net in terms of world football, but will the management game be featuring the newest kid on the block, the Saudi Pro League?

FM24 Saudi Pro League: a football player holds up his shirt after signing for a new club.

Will FM24 feature the Saudi Pro League?

Although the Saudi Pro League will have a presence in FM24, it will not be a playable league. The SPL exists, and some players within the league are available for purchase, but you will not be able to take the helm of some of the world’s richest football clubs.

If you run a high-profile club, you may find that some teams in the Saudi Pro League will attempt to lure your players away with lucrative contracts – and you can do the same to them if you want to bring talents like Kalidou Koulibaly and Marcelo Brozovic back to the mainstream.

It appears as though the FM24 developers are aiming to eventually have every league in the world as a playable option, but it may be the case that the Saudi Pro League rose to prominence – or infamy – too late in the development cycle for it to become a realistic option.

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