For Honor lets you summon Assassin’s Creed’s Ezio in the For the Creed event

Assassins and Templars have invaded the world of For Honor

December 20, 2018 For the Creed is live in For Honor.

For Honor’s crossover with Assassin’s Creed is now live in For the Creed. The three week event pits Assassins against Templars in a special game mode variation that lets you summon some now-classic AC characters into battle. That’s the big addition, but you can also expect a bunch of new Animus-themed visual tweaks and some new cosmetics to unlock too.

The new variation of Dominion has you – as usual – aiming to control three zones on the map. Once you’ve captured the zone closest to the enemy spawn point, though, their commander appears – Ezio Auditore da Firenze for the Assassins and Cesare Borgia for the Templayers. They’ll have big attacks and similarly large health pools, but taking one down will bring a sizable bonus of 300 points to your team.

Three maps selected for the event now have Animus-style visual effects, representing that this is all taking place inside somebody’s genetic memories. Abstergo’s boss, Warren Vidic, will also serve as the narrator during the event. Your minions will similarly get some visual updates to run under Assassin and Templar banners.

You’ll naturally be able to earn an array of new cosmetics, including emotes, executions, effects, and battle outfits. Oh, and all drop attacks will now be air assassinations. That’s some attention to detail.

The event concludes on January 10. If you’re enticed by all this, the game’s currently on sale, too. You can grab the Standard Edition for $13.19 / £8.57 / €9.89, or the somewhat limited Starter Edition for $7.49 / £6.24 / €7.49. That sale applies on both Steam and Uplay, so you pick up For Honor wherever you like.

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The Assassin’s Creed universe has slowly been coming to encompass all of Ubisoft in the past few years. The developer itself is now associated with Abstergo in the series lore, and we’ve even got confirmation that Watch Dogs and AC occupy the same universe.

We just learned about For Honor’s Year of the Harbinger, which will bring yet another round of new content to the medieval brawler over the course of 2019. That kicks off in January, but at least we’ll have something fresh to keep us occupied in the meantime.