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For Honor PC gameplay - watch us strap on the training gauntlets for Ubisoft’s brawler

For Honor gameplay PC

For Honor’s beta kicked off today and it’s a weird, possibly wonderful game. We spent a good couple of hours getting to grips with its systems and the wonderful Viking raider. See above for that, and a few quick impressions below.

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What a strange experience that was. For Honor is the sort’ve mix between fighting game and Dark Souls that some small portion of the universe has been desperately begging for, even if they didn’t realise it. It’s about prediction, matchup knowledge, out-thinking your opponent and striking at exactly the correct time. It just sort’ve doesn’t work in more than a 1v1 setting, but turns into a chaotic back and forth rather than an elegant dance.

It might be brilliant, though we’d need to spend more time with it to tell as much. It’s definitely something that, when it finds its audience, will live forever in their minds. Best of all the server seem to hold up okay, though that decision to go to peer to peer over dedicated servers could come back to bite them. PC controls are usable, but we’ll need to compare to a pad before we make final judgement – controlling weapon direction with the mouse works, but definitely feels like a system designed for an analogue stick with a neutral dead zone.

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